Question: work and study in Turkey

Hello everyone!

I am writing you to know what do you think about my next plan in turkey I appreciate any advise!!

I am a Mechanical Engineer and I would like to do master degree and work in turkey for the next 1-2 years.
Regarding this, I have the following questions:

- what is the best city to study and work ( cheap accommodation, industrials, international companies..etc)
- How much money do I need monthly to live? (without sharing my place)?
- I am fluent in Spanish and Arabic ( I plan to learn Turkish), is this can help me to land at least a part time job?

thank you.


The cities which can be considered good for education are definitely expensive to live in, so one cannot have it both ways.

For expenses, there are various threads on the forum under 'Living cost in (City name)'. You can easily find them by typing in the search box.

Regardless of language proficiency, finding a job is tough since Turkish prefer to hire locals and also due to the understandable high influx of Syrian immigrants filling in any sorts of position with economic labor. You can also search Finding a Job in the forum, and you will get some good articles.

Good luck

i would suggest you stay in istanbul or ankara to be flexible for getting a job easily compared to other city for foreigner.

About living expense: it is up to you, but my brother lives in istanbul and study there, he spends around 900 TL, but as i said it is up to people. if you have shared house and cook yourself, price would go down.

Spanish and Arabic helps to find a job, but you need to keep searching to find job .


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