Police harassment - What to do?

I recently had a pair of newly purchased dive fins stolen from my luggage in transit after what was a fantastic holiday with my partner and a friend. I made a report at the 6 mile police station to assist with the claim form and as I left the station the police officer followed me out to my car and asked for my number. I did not feel comfortable giving it to him but he said it was to assist the investigation.

For the past week this officer has been messaging me to come see him or he will come and see me and wanted my address.  When I asked why he refused to expand on it and said he just wanted to talk to me.

I have not provided my full address and when I have spoken to the locals on the issue they have all said this guy wants money.

I am feeling very uncomfortable about this guys intentions as I have no intention of giving this guy money. a) I still have no fins b) PNG air have not yet reimbursed me for the stolen fins c) The last time i checked the police are public servants...... any advise?


Some police officer or should i say most of them are greedy.i had also an experience me and my frend where in there's a road block and they trying to get some money for us around 200 kina ..but my friend insist that we dont have any violation. if we pay you on our violation can you gave us receipt my friend answer him. and the police officer answered if  i will give you receipt you will pay not only 200 kina for your violation..
to make it short they only just want money..di did not gave any amount for that police officer.

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