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hello there! to all my kababayan working in this company or anybody who know this company, can you give me an idea how is it like working in this company? how is life there as an expat? how about the accommodation/housing, is it furnished, how many person in a single room?

i have already googled anything about PNG except for the company itself ( their website is under construction). cant find enough details about the company and (filipino) expats working with seeto.

your help is very much appreciated.... TIA :):):)

what's your job in seeto kui?

hi theaccountant, I applied for audit manager post. im still on the process my application. How bout you? Are you already in PNG? can you share some information about working in PNG?


nop, my application is still in process hoping to be chosen as one in PNG. If you get hired ahead of me, share the blessings and info in png..:)..I submit my application in different companies and position but no response until now. Per my research, ofw life in png is nice to work and save money. Security issues is just almost the same in the phils..heehehe...

Goodluck to you!! :top:

Hi Elijahjohan,

Seeto Kui is a good place to work. This is one of the major importer/wholesaler/retailer in the country (PNG). Many Pinoys are working in this company. I am sure you will feel at home here in PNG.

About PNG, the environment is almost the same as in a Philippine second-class city. Port Moresby is its capital but not highly urbanized as Manila or Cebu. It maybe like Los Banos or Urdaneta in Pangasinan.

Lae, is the second biggest city in PNG - -but still far from the urban centers we have in the Philippines. As in any places in PNG, security is a concern. But just use your common sense -- like dont drive out in the night, always ensure car door and windows are closed and locked, etc.

Socialize with locals. Be friends with them. If you get their hearts, they will be by your side to help you. They are friendly people.

I hope this helps.


I don't want to sound absurd yes SK is the biggest wholesale and retail distributor of FMCG in Lae, as the HQ's main focus is in Lae.  In terms, of accommodation they will provide it with some old timer or new expat like you..shared accommodation..for vehicle, its the discretion of the company to give you one.  Yes it is correct as most of the expats are Filipino and you know if there are lots of kababayan the political and bureaucracy issues is too high..on a final note, turn over of Filipino expats are too high also..just my two cents

hi dsviper & pinoyinpng!
got an offer of usd3,000 monthly net salary(plus semestral housing allowance & performance bonus) from fmcg distribution company in dammam ksa

exploring & comparing opportunity from retail company in png
agency can not disclose compensation package any earlier
shortlisted for final interview with seeto kui next week
what is the average monthly net salary for filipino managers (marketing or sales manager)in seeto kui & other companies in png?

pls advise

Hi Kix,

If you will get $3k USD net that would be better for you plus other perks..Dammam, KSA is much civilise country compared to PNG..EDI-Staffbuilders is not disclosing compensation and benefits but the salary here in PNG is $1k USD gross plus accommodation and vehicle (discretion) or carpooling.  35%-40% tax is applicable the higher your salary the higher the tax..

hi dsviper!

thanks for the info mate!

you are right!
agency would not disclose info prior to interview,
seeto kui job grades & pay scales for advertised posts.

png average monthly salary usd1k would be equivalent to monthly housing allowance only in dammam ksa,
where company car is provided with family status annual tickets & medical insurance

per your advice,
there appears no advantage with png offers,
no deal

thanks again mate!

If you are getting USD3K in KSA, go for it!

PNG rates is lower but you have less expense here. Only 1 mall to go, night spots not recommended -except in hotels, not much recreation.

I hope this helps.

I should say, stay at you hometown instead working with Seeto Kui...its like u killing yourself working with them.

Yes It is true EDI or other agency will not reveal the salary. if your getting 2k usd or more grab it. but in Seeto Kui you will not get it unless you are working there for more than 20 years.

Living and working in PNG has no problem with me. But you need to be careful and search carefully what company you will work for.

Before Seeto Kui is okay but right now the standard of the salary and other perks is not good. better to look for other company in PNG.

Haha another one bites the dust..

Hi all,

Please note that this thread is from a year old. :)

Thank you,


Actually, David, it is still exists especially now all Filipino expats are coming in from Cebu due to cheap labor that is why the marketability of Filipino expats in terms of compensation is declining.

i'll be having my final interview on fri as medtech for seeto
, supposed to be. but thank God for bringing me in this site.. all questions were answered.


My husband has got a job offer in Pacific Foams in LAE PNG. I am a house wife with 1 year old son. And we are planning to move in Lae next month. Please let me know if that place is really safe cos i have two minds. When ever i search details about LAE I keep getting all negative news and comments. Anyone who can help me . Confused mind


Safety can be an issue anywhere in PNG.
Do not go out by yourself, be careful when with withdrawing money from ATM's, do not wear flashy jewelry, lock your doors at night.

I presume your employer will offer safe secure accommodation??

In general you just have to be aware of your surroundings.
I am sure there is an Indian community in Lae that you can contact.

hi , have you moved to LAE? what are the expenses like n what's the salary package ?

utt_tri :

hi , have you moved to LAE? what are the expenses like n what's the salary package ?

For cost of living and other useful information

have you moved to LAE??????????????
What is your is the company????????

Hello is a 3000 USD reasonable for a net salary per month of a doctor in PNG? Most specially working in a company? Thank you! Still contemplating on working there?!

chardmd :

Hello is a 3000 USD reasonable for a net salary per month of a doctor in PNG? Most specially working in a company? Thank you! Still contemplating on working there?!

Welcome to

Does the employer offer safe accommodation,transport, flights and of course full medical insurance.
If not then the salary is low.

Hi stumpy thanks for your immediate response, when you say full medical insurance what are its conditions? Safe accommodation, transport and flights from home to PNG are shouldered by the employer. Utilities is on my behalf. Which I want to negotiate to the employer. Are you working in PNG now specifically in Lae?

chardmd :

Hi stumpy thanks for your immediate response, when you say full medical insurance what are its conditions? Safe accommodation, transport and flights from home to PNG are shouldered by the employer. Utilities is on my behalf. Which I want to negotiate to the employer. Are you working in PNG now specifically in Lae?

Full medical insurance should include medivac to your home country or elsewhere in the event of a medical event which requires specialist medical treatment and which cannot be done in PNG.
No I am not presently working in PNG but have worked there off and on since 1970 on 7 different projects.

Utilities and food costs are expensive in PNG. For cost of living

Thanks stumpy, great help though. I'll try to talk it out with the agency to bring my conditions to the employer, hope for the best. So do you think the salary they offer meets the salary standards or is it better to ask more for that diverse position?

You could ask for more. Negotiate.

I work in  Seeto Kui, for  a  year. The only  I comment the company  is good but the tax is very huge amount.
The agency will not discuss on tax .  The moral value of employees is no good. The place is risky too much askals
ruthless elements.

Experience too much hardship with Seeto Kui to recommend employment. Started enthuastically because of the supposed benefits but in reality was all but a trap to convince people to accept working here.

From Dollar salary then was force to accept to be converted PNG Kina. Suffered heavy losses because of volatile exchange rates. From 17 to 14. No financial support from company to compensate losses.

Promise of providing vehicle never materialized. Reason? company last both a vehicle 10 years ago. Only long tenure employees have it. Provide a bus going to the office and home but not enough as you need vehicle for occassional groceries and cases of emergency and medical reason. Literally need to beg people to drive you. Malaria is a common thing. 90% of chance of acquiring this disease.

Utilities are your burden. Probably cost you 300 kina per month. No form of entertainment provided i.e. tv and cable television. Necessity unless your used to staring at the stars. Cost 200 kina per month. Internet cost is very high. Kina 60 per month for 1.2GB of data. enough for simple browsing and mild video chatting.

medical insurance is provided but only to the extent of serious illness and accidents. Normal illness like malaria, you have to spend your own. normally cost you Kina 200.

Security is a major issue here. Got our office ransack by rascals. Owner fired gunshots with robbers despite high volume of employees in vicinity. Did not even bother to think if somebody will be in harms way and retaliation of robbers.

I myself, got hack by a hardwood as revenge of terminating an employee stealing in the company. instead of helping me, company blame me for not following protocols. Then they gave me option to go home. I took it before anything more happen to me.

This should serve as a warning to all OFWs who wishes to come in PNG, as this country is not a safe place for all foreign workers not onlyworkers for Filipinos. The tax is mandated by the government and its beyond the control of most companies therefore it is the responsibility also of the potential OFW to ASK and VERIFY the agency and the interviewer as part of salary negotiation this will help the applicant to decide whether he/she will accept the offer. Also, there are websites to get some information concerning the cost of living in PNG and data about what to expect in PNG. Lucky for you all that there are website like this to get information but during my time 2007 you cannot get facts about PNG and the communication is so hard and expensive.

What do you mean ma'am? Does it mean that the working condition in Seeto Kui is not that fair and rewarding? What is the working schedule in that company?Is it still 8 hours a day. Do they have overtime pay if you exceed 8 hours? An agency is offering a Sales/Marketing manager position with 1300 USD probable offer.Please help with more inputs


Now that its 2017....Does the working condition in Seetu Kui Company had improved? I got an offer of 1300 USD for a Sales/ Marketing Manager, 300 higher than the last 3-5 years based on this blog info. However, based on the current exchange rate of 50 Php to USD, it's 65k higher.

The Drawback....Does the PNG still has a 30-40% tax levy on it?Or was there any tax revamp since then?Is it still worth pursuing?

I have also learned, the PNG is strengthening its security on companies through private security agencies. Does it really have an impact on the general security of the expats, particularly in Lae (Which I have learned became notorious for expat rape, murder & other physical attacks w/ injury).

Kindly update us.Thanks!

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