Catholic University here in Rionegro may teach Spanish?

Hello all,

Retired seven months and moved to Colombia.  My wife and I relocated from Medellin to Rionegro. 

My only activities at this time is to explore the surrounding countryside.  I acquired my motorcycle license and just recently purchased a moto.  So far, I have not scared my wife while she rides on the back with me. 

I will eventually check out the tennis court club and the golf course.  Only I hate to admit that my golf experience is far from being any good. 

I have read rumors that the Catholic University here in Rionegro may teach Spanish?  Perhaps their are some on this site who knows for sure.

Hi Texas Bred,

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Yes they started with a course I think! Just look up the site UCO Rionegro! Have fun with your bike but watch out!

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