Just had a Work Permit but plans to get another job


A company just offered me a job and helped me process my work permit which was just approved. However, I plan to get another job as this one pays super low. I know it is like this but I actually found another job already that is interested to hire me but they require a work permit already. What will happen to the work permit that I just received? Will it be totally cancelled that I would need to find another company that will be willing to help me process the work permit or will this be okay to get a new job?

Please help.

Did the company have to pay to get your work permit?

This is really a complex question. I recommend you to consult with a Hungarian immigration attorney.

Hi Fred,

I am the one who paid for the work permit.
They just helped me provide the necessary documents from the company's side.

Hi, do you have any contact with an immigration lawyer? thanks!

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