Assessment of your education qualification letter

Hi dear friends
Does anyone knows what's  "Assessment of your education qualification" letter ?

i called Denmark agency and they told me they sent me a letter (Assessment of your education qualification) and r waiting for my response

i called to my lawyer and he said its just an approval letter for my education and it gets me really confused coz if its an approval letter why they want my response

i don't get the letter yet

is there anyone here knows abt this letter ? and have experienced abt it ?


Hi Moshen..
Denmark doesn't have any third party firm to access ur qualifications like WES and ACS. They have their own panel to do our education to Danish level. That's wat they hav mentioned to you. … ookieoptin

Hi Mohsen,

I don't know how it works in Iran. But, in some countries including India, documents can be certified and authenticated under apostille treaty. All the member countries who have signed the apostille treaty, honour each other. You may go  through this link, if you want to know more about authentication process using apostille.

Also, the education system in Denmark differs slightly from what we have in other countries. This verification process will tend to normalize the educational qualifications.....based on their defined criteria. It is advisable to have our foreign qualifications assesed by danish authority.


You need to have papers from your institutions, showing that you completed the education, as supporting evidence.   The same with getting into a union.  This is particularly important if you were educated in a developing country, the USSR or Russian Federation, or if your degree dates back from before 1998 in an iron curtain country.

Hi Mohasen,

I believe by now you understand what's the qualification assessment mean, I would be appreciated if you provide me with the update ?

thanks and good luck :)

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