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Hello everyone, I have been living China since 2012, never thought of getting a paid vpn service, I use a free version, so far so good. Recently I was in the midsts of important data transfer, and decided to get a paid subscription, did my research and went for the ones rated best; it turns out it's a big scam, they all promise you best speed, reliable connection up to 99% up the time, servers all over the world, and more.

Long story short, NO! Do not fall for it, out of three companies rated the best overall, none delivered their promises, not even the most expensive ones. It is amazing that a free stand alone software is beating the best companies out there, hands down. For those already in China that are planning on getting one, or new comers who will be tempted to pay for a subscription before hand, be adviced that lately, the Chinese government is becoming very efficient in blocking those companies and preventing their software from getting a steady connection, if at all.

Nowadays it's very difficult to get a stable VPN connection in China. The price doesn't say anything about the connection quality. I also experienced that free VPNs perform similar to payed ones.
But you have to be careful with the free VPN's, some of them will spy on you. That's why I use a payed VPN.

I am using the VPN shield (paid). Haven't experienced any troubles


iam using Express VPN Since two years... bit slow but stable and safe

I see Express VPN mentionned... I used it for about one months and the asked for a refund, because it war very slow. Youtube was basically impossible to use. And they are one of the most expensive choices.
But also need to add, that currently most VPN's are not working well.

I have been using paid Astrill VPN since 2013 and have no problem with it. Fast connection and reasonable price too.
Perhaps you could try it out.


the speed of a connection does not solely depends on the VPN, it is an encryption tool and a minimum reduction of speed is very normal however, if your internet connection speed is already slow or you are running it on a dead slow system, then you face such issues with even the finest quality VPN and remember in China internet is strictly monitored by volunteers who periodically make it difficult for VPN providers to stay against Chinese Firewall but still some VPN are sustainable there

long time resident in China.... I have used Express VPN for about 5 years... never any problems...

Hi, I am a native chinese, I always use BETTERNET. It is free and quick, maybe it helps you!

VPN services are hit or miss. My company had 2 VPN services and one free VPN plugin for Chrome. None of them ever worked consistently for the 8 hours straight needed to get work done (I was doing social marketing over Facebook). I had some days when none of them worked at all. Even had days where none of them worked for me, but my co-workers were able to connect fine!! It seems that the government and VPN companies don't see eye to eye about what should or shouldn't be blocked.

I also have a VPN provider that I use at home and on my phone that's mostly consistent, but it will have its moments when I need to try again a little later. It also seems speediest late at night or early morning. Sometimes I even start to blame the weather outside.... It's enough to make a man superstitious O_o

All that to say, I wouldn't conclude that all VPNs are good or bad. I think it depends on which one, your city, the time of day, and the last time you bought a lottery ticket. But if you do find a good one, never let her go!

Funny as it is.... I use Nydus, a Chinese VPN and works awesome and isnt that expensive.
Works by choosing a server.
Esle VPalien that workse with a dedicated ip

Agree.  The Chinese government has a method to throttle the Internet, disable protocols and cause havoc among VPN users.  This is especially true during special events such as the G-20 currently underway in Hangzhou.

I have used one VPN provider for the past 7 years and find they are quick to reply to any issue.  But some issues generated  from the mainland are much to difficult for them to resolve.  So I have to change the city (the gateway), the protocol and try a  number of different combinations until it works.

Sometimes frustrating but one put up with it, since there is no other way to retrieve info from overseas.

I just read that the developer version of the Opera browser has a free built in VPN which I'm trying right now: … ndows-mac/

You can try downloading on you Mac or PC here:

Unfortunately the Opera VPN is not connecting for me right now, but you can give it a try. Maybe it's because of the weather.... :joking:

I gotta say, I downloaded Betternet just now and it seems to be working great, and omg it was so hard to find a link that didn't need a VPN just to download it!!

Here's a link with the download that I used for the Chrome browser:

I hope this helps some people out there!

Hello all :cheers:

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