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Hi all,

Can someone recommend a FREE trustworthy, reliable, and relatively fast VPN service provider for use on my laptop here in China? I have been using one the past 2 years but it is now due to expire and they want $55 renewal fee for the year which I am not willing to pay when i have one on my iPhone for nothing.

Trouble is I need one for work purposes on my laptop and the iPhone one is not compatible for laptops and PC.

Anyway one that can recommend a free one for Windows PC/laptop I would much appreciate it.


Free vpn means slow connection and shared bandwidth. It's rather insecure if you need for work purpose. I strongly recommend a paid service.

Try ZenMate (similar to hola but more reliable). You can use the ZenMate add-on on your laptop for free with no limitation. The ZenMate mobile app cost $30/yr but there is also a free version.

I understand well what FREE means, thank you! It means not paying a penny for a service that will work just as well as efficiently as one you pay for.

I am not seeking an app or any other such thing. I am seeking a VPN for my laptop, that will allow me to access my Gmail account and get on Facebook. I have no great usage for YouTube and Twitter.

If someone can recommend a service provider I would be grateful. All links added so far are not showing however!!

Please guys if you have answers for Cathal81  reply to him privately not on the forum.

I have seen many times generous news shares posting this or that VPN is great only to shortly have it blocked by the authorities.

Cathal81  I personally use a paid service that can host 5 devices at the same time and think it well worth the investment.

I bought one VPN before. The price is rmb150/1 year/ 1G. It is not too expensive and good connection. I can give more details to you if you want.

That's true, lots of websites for VPN services are blocked, and if you find one that isn't, and you share it in a forum, it'll suddenly join the list of inaccessible websites.

Tried Zenmate, but its crap. Then I spent all morning downloading another one yesterday only to be told by their support team after i couldn't get it to work that it is not compatible in China. imagine, a VPN that doesn't work in the one spot ya require a VPN most.

If you have suggestions please PM me the details. Much appreciated!

I'd like to reply to your query.  However, since these sites are heavily monitored, please email me ***

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What reza said, free VPN provides normally offer limited bandwidth, usually up to 500Mb as is the case with CyberGhost's and VyprVPN's free service. On the premium subscription, however, the bandwidth is unlimited, and you are able to use additional features such as port switching and UDP and TCP selection when using OpenVPN protocol - this is essential for using a VPN in China. I found mine (VPN.AC) through here:, but have also tried VyprVPN paid service, so I would recommend one of the two from the list. Can't say anything about the rest as I haven't tried them. Good luck!

As you need a VPN which you can use on your laptop and the iPhone. I would suggest you try ZPN as it is free and works on all platform such as Windows, iOS and Android.

Instead of using free VPNs, which are known for unreliable, you can try paid VPN's free trial. Here's a list of the best VPNs to be used in China:

Free doesn't cut it for china. I use vpnbaron with the SSL setting and it works fine. 4.99$ and no hassle :one

They have servers in SIngapore TOkyo and Hk for great ping

Free VPN is unworthy. I personally use PureVPN with SSTP protocol and it works great for me. $4.99/m price.

Try TunnelBear or or Windscribe

Use express VPN... imply the very best in China...

Some of the websites mentionned here are sponsored by the recommended VPN providers. The one who pays most gets the best rating... I've personally tried ExpressVPN. Cancelled it within the free trial period, and got a full refund. The customer service is good, and fast, but this doesn't help if you don't get a good connection. But try it on your own, it's 30days for free... I'm now with another service which cost me 50$ for 2 years.

dont know where in China you are... but Ive lived and visited many cities ... never had a problem with connection to Express VPN.... accept in very isolated areas... where its difficult to get connection to anything...have used Express VPN for more than 5 years....if they weren't the best..I wouldn't still be using them...

Your lucky. That's why I suggest everybody to test it on their own. If a VPN works well or not depends on many factors here in China... Location, Provider, Time, Political Events and much more.

谢公屐. Very stable one. You need to pay 20 yuan for each month. I think it is worth.

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