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Has anyone experience with ExpressVPN?


I an American expat who has been living in China for almost 7 years. The government recently began a crackdown on VPN services here and many of the VPNs that expats use here were blocked.

I have been using ExpressVPN for 2 years now and I highly recommend it.

1. They have great customer service, including 24/7 online chat support.
2. The speed of the VPN is great.
3. The offer a 30 day free trial
4. It is reasonably priced.
4. Their IT engineers work hard to bypass the blocks and restrictions the government continuously try.

So, I would suggest you check it out and try it if you want to have a reliable VPN service in China

I queried Express VPV with them and they state that they have never had a problem in the last decade.

I haven't had any troubles with them though I wouldn't recommend it. Throughout the whole bunch of VPNs I tested I would call this one

Are you in China and using this VPN? Because there was a recent crackdown here in CHina by the govt. on VPN services and a lot of them dont work anymore here or are super slow.

ExpressVpn is working here in china,but only the US and Hong Kong - Tokyo is up and running at the moment. this is a great company trying very hard to stay ahead and it have been successful for them after the crack down

yeah....unfortunately at the moment there are only a handful of servers that work.

yeah, but better than none I also sometimes have luck to connect to UK and Germany, but I am happy just one works otherwise Im stuck

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