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KITAS Renewal Soon, Agent or DIY?

My Visa is up for renewal early July 2016 and I understand the need to start preparing now.

Is there recent experience among forum members that suggests self managed renewal (in Jakarta) is feasible/reasonable?  If so, what forms/processes/officials are involved?

Apologies if these questions have already been answered elsewhere.

No worries.
Much depends on you, and why you're in Indonesia.
If it's work, your company should be doing all this, with you only supplying documents and having your photo taken.

If it's pretty much anything else, you can do it yourself if you have the time to mess around a little.
I've found most immigration officers to be friendly and helpful, but you have to be polite and well mannered to earn that.
Agents charge varying fees, commonly what they feel they can get out of you.
I've done all mine without an agent, but I have taken the opportunity to pay an immigration officer to do the running about for me. That ISN'T a bribe, just a bit of slightly naughty moonlighting.
However, if your local office is Jakarta, you won't need to do any running about at all.

Thanks Fred for the feedback, very helpful.

Can you also tell me what are the actual steps in the process and the forms /documents required? Sorry to sound like a dummy but this is my first time for this and I'll need all the help I can get, particularly given my inability to decipher the Immigration Bahasa website.

FYI, I don't have the luxury of an employer to do the hard yards for me.

My original experience with an agent to get my KITAS was very clumsy and expensive, both in time (elapsed & activity) and money, but ultimately successful. So, this time around, I'm keen to avoid those negatives if possible.

Thanks in advance for any further insight you can offer.


Dear Fellow Forum Members,

Here's the thing: Further to the above, I'm finding considerable obstacles to DIY KITAS (Retirement Visa) renewal.

An Imigrasi officer has told me I must use the agent that processed my original application, as the company that was my sponsor (a different entity from the KITAS agent) for that application is required to sponsor my renewal application.

Problem is, the agent wants go charge me the same amount for the renewal fee that they charged for the initial application (Rp15.5 juta). This seems extortionate, to say the least, just to fill in a few forms and process a renewal for an already active KITAS Retirement Visa.

As a retiree, I don't have that kind of money to splash around (in this case unexpectedly),  so I'm very anxious about this and keen to find a way around it, if that's possible.

I guess what I'm asking is, does anybody know whether another 'agent' or 'sponsor' might be available to enable my renewal application to be submitted in the first week of June?

Or am I destined to a life of poverty, having to fork out $1500 each year for the next 4 years to renew my Visa?

I'll look forward to some better news from my fellow members.


Retirement is different in that you must use an approved agent.
Prices vary so shop around.

aim for a price of around 7 juta , 15 seems over the top

I see you are in Jakarta. I can help in giving you directions.
There are several details that you are missing. For example, your partner is Indonesian, why you need to use retirement visa?
Dont ask the immigration officers, unless you can deal with them or doing it by yourself. They are there only to make your life harder.

I have 2 or 3 competent agents in Jakarta, they are well respected and used by our peers and network of friends.
They dont cost much. And you wont get swindled.
Pm me if I missed the details in the future.

Perhaps clarification would be helpful.

The western term, "Partner" is pretty much invalid here unless your partner is legally married to you and your marriage is recognised under Indonesian law.
Anything else is pointless as far as that term goes,

If it's a retirement visa, the previous applies as you have to go through an agent to get it.

I gather the spouse visa isn't an option for the OP, but it's worth a mention on the off chance he's missed it.

I will repeat for clarification.

A partner as far as a visa is concerned is a person you're married to under Indonesian law, or the marriage is recognised under Indonesian law, and nothing else.

A sham marriage would be illegal, and could well bring about deportation should the immigration department find out.

As the OP hasn't mentioned a partner in any post over the last few months, this is a bit off topic anyway.

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