Can't figure out how to do this

I suggest that you simply tell us a little about yourself.
Are you working in Ecuador, or looking to head there.
Do you need information about Ecuador.

Please do not post any personal contact details on the open forum. This is for your personal safety.

My husband and I are arriving at Madretierra in June or July.  We are retired.  My husband will most likely be working in some compacity at the hotel.   He knows the owner and this has been an ongoing conversation.  I am a yoga instructor and there might be a job for me too.  We will stay at the hotel until we figure out a more personal home.  We have two cats, so a separate place will be better.  We have been researching this for two years and I can't think of questions.  I know it will be a culture shock, but this is what we want.  Too little years left living inside a USA bubble.  We have a little Spanish and are still studying.  I'm looking forward to growing flowers and a Meyer Lemon.  Is that enough? "S"

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