Moving to Ecuador Why? Why not?

Moving to Ecuador Why? Why not?
Updated 2010-10-12 09:20

Leaving your home country is a big and difficult decision. One should consider it very carefully before making such a move. My intention is not to be negative, my intention is to realistic and explain to you the good, bad and ugly of moving away from your home country. The culture shock of Latin America is great. Many love it, some cannot adjust.

Latin America works at a different pace than you are familiar with. You will think it is very slow, disorganized, and inefficient. This has some truth to it. However, time in Latin America does not have the same value as time in the U.S. Effeciency does not have the same importance.

Now to the good stuff: The People are wonderful, fresh food, medicine is more cheaper. Visits to the doctor are next to nothing in cost. The life style is "laid back". As my friend says "Im going to throw your watch away, you look at it too much"

I haved lived in Latin America for over five years in diferent countries, I have traveled Latin America for business for over 20 years. In my opion Ecuador, at this time, is the best and safest city to live in Latin America.

Cost of Living in Ecuador causes many people to retire in Ecuador. Live in Ecuador and enjoy the "laid back" life. I do and encourage you to try it.

Real Estate, homes and apartments are available at very competetive prices. An example: While looking at a house to purchase I rented a new apartment. The apartment was over 3000 SQ ft, with 3 bedrooms, 4 and a half baths and maids quarters. I had private parking for two cars with electric gate and 24-hour security. The cost $500 a month.

Availability of meds, doctors, hospitals, amrican brand foods are plentiful and low priced.

I live in a city named Cuenca which is a colonial city with beautiful arquitecture. The weather is wonderful. Temps range from 55 to 75 degrees year round. Forget air conditioning/heating it does not exist(because there is no need for it)

In summation I love it here but truth be told it is not for "everybody". Investigate, get proffesional guidance before you make such a big decision as leaving your country.

I hope this helps in some way. Yours Jonathan

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