Honduras 1/2 the cost of living?

Ok, so what is the cost of living in Honduras?  My costs run around $12,000 a month.
Truck payment
More taxes


Costs are really high here.

Oh and the PST and GST on everything

And I do live a little above average not much.

Try this website

Why is beer more in Honduras?

My groceries tend to be the same as the US; I don't buy a lot from the market, so we get most of our shopping done at PriceSmart to find more American food (PriceSmart is like CostCo or Sam's Club).

We personally live in housing provided for us and we don't own a car here yet, so I can't help you with those.  Taxes are not very high (social security, retirement, and our guard fees are basically all that's taken out) and since this will be our first full year here starting this year, we won't have to pay any taxes back in the US next tax season.

To give you an idea, my husband and I are successfully living on about 700 USD/month (with very minimal travelling right now).

I've been living in Tela for 3 years. I'm making $1000 a month, and if I behave, always have money left over at the end of the month. As with anywhere, it all depends where you live in this country. On Roatan, that's not enough to survive. Here in Tela, a furnished apartment runs between $200-400 a month. Groceries for one (shopping like a gringa) runs about $50 or less  a week. Without a/c, my electric is about 30 monthly. The biggest expense I have is cable/internet (5mb) at $60 a month. Hope this helps.


The cost of living varies a lot with your lifestyle. I moved to Honduras 14 years ago from White Rock and my expenses there back then were about $12,000/mo. Most places on the mainland you can live nicely on $1500-$1800/mo. But then you are in the 2nd poorest country in Central America and all that goes with that. I chose to live in Roatan which although under the flag of Honduras, is an island in the Caribbean and dramatically different than the mainland. You can live comfortably here on $3,000/mo. Most of your lifestyle here comes with your airline ticket but like anywhere, it is easy to spend more.

I have no idea any more what beer costs in Canada now. I just bought a 6 pack yesterday and it was $3.75. Is that really more than n Canada?

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