Horse (con ngua) enthusiasts - Have you seen any horses?

Right - I've just moved here and live in the Binh Duong area and about 3 weeks ago I spotted about 3 or 4 horses/ponies with what looked like a yearling in tow. They were grazing around with some brown cows (sorry to the agriculturists - I don't know what breed) and looked in pretty healthy condition. I saw a local (I believe the owner) leading them away about 4 days later and haven't seen them since.
I'm determined to find some horse interaction near where I live so I thought I would post this thread in case any other horse lovers can note down the last place/area they spotted horses in and what condition they were in.
Hopefully this way we can ask around with the locals in case somebody hits a jackpot!
So far my searches have managed to find a horse riding centre somewhere in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) as I found their page on Facebook. Unfortunately I haven't received contact back from them yet but I will try again now that I am actually in Vietnam in case that makes a difference.
I have also managed to get positive remarks of the possibility of horse riding up near Ha Long Bay area (I imagine beach rides or similar).
Please be careful however, as in regards to any animal contact there may be a risk of infectious diseases or parasites.
I am a horse trainer who develops horses for performance horsemanship disciplines. Here in Vietnam I am mostly just a Mum who is attempting to home-school via correspondence a year 1 boy with a younger one in tow who luckily will be able to attend a school near our home.
If you haven't seen any horses but are keen on them. Still pop in a comment to say hi and chat horses and connect :)

I am afraid, not many options for  you to get involved in equestrian activities here in Vietnam.

Here are a few leads you may like to explore ...

Saigon Pony Club

One in Bach Ma (an hour or so by bus from HCMC):
Bach Ma Equestrian Club

Here's an old (2013) news report on BMEC: Blazing Saddles

Interestingly, BMEC held the first Vietnamese Equestrian Grand Prix somewhere in Binh Duong in 2014. Here's a report on that.

As I can see, although rare, there's still a small fraternity of horse lovers here in Vietnam.
In fact a 2014 news report read Vietnam to resume horse racing on new track. Not sure about its current status though!
Binh Phuc is just next to Binh Duong.

Back in 2010 when I first arrived in Hanoi, I started looking for opportunities where I could do some casual horse riding. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any information at that time and later had to fly to Cambodia (Siem Reap) to enjoy some horse-riding in The Happy Ranch. At that time (2011-12) they had 40-42 horses in their ranch and the trainer was a young French lady. The owner is a very friendly Cambodian-American man. It was indeed a wonderful experience riding on horseback through the Cambodian countryside in the early hours of the day.
Someday if you plan to travel to Siem Reap, just give it a try. I think you will like it.

Btw, I am not a trained or regular horse rider. It's just what I've done on few occasions for recreational purposes. I am just a horse enthusiast. My dad who was a WWII veteran, was a trained rider and he loved horses and liked horse-riding even during his civil service days, long after the war was over .  I developed a fascination for horses from a very early age and my first ride, as I can still remember, was on a tall white race-horse at RCTC, Calcutta, India, at the age of seven. Afterwards, I did some casual pleasure-riding (sort of) in India, in parts of China (Inner Mongolia) and in Cambodia (Siem Reap).

I heard in neighbouring Thailand, they have a few equestrian clubs, especially in and around Phuket.

That’s all for now. Hope you find these information useful.

All the best!


That's great info. Thanks so much!  :D  I wasn't sure of the racetrack either but it's great hearing feedback similar to what I have seen or heard elsewhere.
I have since contacted Bach-Ma Equestrian Farm. They are perhaps 45mins from me in VSIP1. That's not too bad really.
I'm too heavy and tall for the Saigon Pony Club, which I think caters for children or slight build adults only. Maybe something for my kids.
I love a general ride in the countryside as well, but like to dabble in dressage. My grandmother used to ride and my mother had lessons also which is how I developed my fascination with horses. My grandmother has a photo of her and a friend on horseback from the mounted brigade during WWII (she was only visiting as she was part of a secretarial dept.)
I created a facebook group for vietnam horse enthusiasts. The surrounding countries have much better  options but hopefully that will change in years to come :)

Hi Jen,
I just found your post few seconds ago. My name is Amaury Le Blan, owner & director of the Saigon Pony Club, the only pony club in Vietnam. ***

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Hey Jen

I just saw your post.  I also arrived in Vietnam around April this year.  I'm in Bien Hoa, not to far from Binh Duong.  I would love to do some casual horse riding and definitely improve my riding.  I was wondering if you found a good place to ride?

I checked out Bach Ma, but can't seem to get an address.

Thank you so much!

Hi Jen,

I believe there is an equestrian club in Tao Dan garden by the corner of Nguyen Du and Cach Mang Thang Tam, I have seen horseback riding in Da Lat, Binh Thuan, Da Nang, and Sapa. You may want to check them out. I will ask my friend in those areas to check around, if I heard anything interesting I will post on here for you. Welcome to Vietnam and hope to see you at our get together some days.

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