Planning move to Boquete, Panama

Hi, everyone.  My name is Cynthia and I currently live in a small town near Asheville, NC.  Yes, Asheville is as cool as everyone says, but it's just a little too cold for me for about 5 months of the year.  I have been reading about and watching Youtube videos on Boquete for some time now and I think it may be the place for me to retire.  I don't have a specific question at this point, just looking for experiences of others who have spent time or lived there.
Thanks so much

Hi Cynthia, I am trying to connect with others who have an interest in moving to Boquete too.  I am in love with the area. I have been there 3 times and plan to go again in July.  I'm not sure when I might be moving there. Is there anything specific that you are curious about ?

I'm going to be in Boquete on the 27th-28th of June, and perhaps on the July 2nd as well.  If you're there on those dates, let's meet up.

That question is a year old. Hopefully she has figured out things by now.

Hello, my partner and I are considering Bouquete...We also  will have a home in the Asheville  area... Have you decided to move to Bouquete ? How do you find the town, the people, the shops, etc.. Thanks for any help... Deb

I find the town to be very nice. A lot of gringo-friendly shops, fellow travelers, etc. There are a couple of nice restaurants, the proprietor at Hotel Central Boquete was especially friendly, wired in, etc. You should go there to stay, or at least for coffee

There is no substitute for going there yourself. Anything else is a view through someone else's eyes, and they might not see it the same as you. And a lot of the hype won't say a word about the downsides.

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