New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourself here – 2nd quarter of 2016

Thanks, will do.

Hello my name is Angie Cinto, and I was at the Forum before, my husband and I planning to retire a Dominican Republic next year, my husband will get early retirement, we are 59 and 61 years old, what is the first step?

Angie welcome back.  Lots of information here and you need to read read and then read some more.  Feel free to ask any questions.

Have you spent time here before.  Living here is vastly different then coming for a vacation for a couple of weeks or a month.  Where are you planning on  living?  Are you going to get your residency? 

Again welcome and let us know how we can help

Bob K

Thank you very much for respond to me so quick, Bob, I grow up in a spanish country: Buenos Aires, I am 59 years old , meet my husband in 1987  and came to live hereon sept 1988, first destiny Miami, we lived there for 5 years, have two daughters, and move to Orlando. I know about light going off, be carerfull about somebody stelling your purse,( I got robbed 4 times in Bs As), and all that a spanish country have, I know about corruption, no law, etc, etc., etc.....Since we start our life here Bob, the 2 words to describe us: SACRIFICE AND RESPONSABILITY, no time togheter, no vacations, just work, I been stay a home mom when my kids were little, my husband was working as a Banquet Captain first from 4 am to 8 pm a night,I went back to work when my little one turn 7 years old, start from bottom in a Dr Office, we raised my daughters, th,e oldest have a Degree in Interpersonal Communications from UCF ( graduate in 2013, no job), and the little one has a Technical College degree , we paid off our house in 2014, in the same year my husband loose his job, and now he is working for half of the money, on 2016 my Dr decided to close  the office and now I am working
also fro half of the money that I use to make, I have to pay 1,400 in taxes for the house, 1,500 for house insurance and 1,700 back to IRS this year, so, is this a good answer? I want to run away from this place and never look back

I was in touch with Perdomo a Century 21, looking between Sosua and Cabarete,never been there, and do you need residency if you get retired in DR ?
I am an American Citizen, my Husband is a resident.

Wow that is quite the story.  My wife and I settled here on the north coast (between Sosua and Cabarete) 10 years ago taking early retirement ( I was 56 and Pat 50).  In the beginning we sold real estate for  a few years and re-retired (mostly 4 years ago).  We built a villa here so know about renting, building and buying.

You need to spend month or two exploring the area and options.  I always say you should spend 6 month renting before buying or building anything to make sure the country is right for you.

REad the section on residency completely as it is a  process and needs to be started in your "home" country not here.

Keep asking away

Bob K

Ok and thank you Bob, I am looking between Sosua Cabarete also, any info about buying a car over there o transport our car from here?

Better off buying one here but be very careful of what you buy if buying used.

Bob K

Welcome to's DR forum. My husband and I have live in DR for over 11 years and have lived in different parts of the island.

Ok Bob :)

Welcome Angie, the first step is to come visit,  see if you like it here. Visit various areas and find out where is right for you. Lots of opinions on here but what matters is what you guys like. 

Read the threads and ask your questions as you need to!  There is a whole thread on the steps to Risidencia as well.

Hello! My name is Emma and I moved to the Dominican a few weeks ago, currently living in Bavaro. I love the place so far but would like to get more involved and make some friends :) language has been a bit of a barrier so far so ive got the school books out again!

Love the forum :)

Emma welcome.  Lots of good info and people here on the forum.

If I can ask why Bavaro?   Are you working here?

Again welcome and have a great day

Bob K

Welcome Emma. One way to meet people, find a Spanish class to attend!!!

As Bob says lots of info here, read read read!


Sorry its taken me so long to reply ive been working night and day!

Hi Bob, yes im working here over in Punta Cana and my company decided to house me in Bavaro.

Thanks! Ive been looking at a few classes, i cant wait to start!! :)

Good luck.  It sounds like you are going to be busy.  Keep us updated on your progress as an expat here.

Bob K

Good Day everyone!

Im so excited to join u all in this forum!

My husband and i are Canadians, living in Northern Ontario. Timmins, to be exact.
I am 43, he is 41. We got married just over a year ago, been together going on 8 years :)

In Feb 2015 we visited Cayo Coco, Cuba.. Our first tropical vacation.. Then in Jan 2016, we went to Samana, DR.. We just fell in love with the beach life. So bad. I have not been able to get the thought out of my head, that WE BELONG ON THE BEACH!

This life we have here in Ontario, is pretty glum! The daily routine, the screwed up weather, the cold winters... We are due for a positive change in our lives! I feel that we need to make this happen, sooner than later!

I have been doing a lot of research.. Been making connections.. Exploring opportunities for work, and possible business options.. Really not sure how to go about all of it. But i know it's doable! I have joined this forum to make connections, and learn as much as i can!

We aren't wealthy people. We work full-time management jobs, pay the bills, etc etc.. I feel that our life is so based around our Monday to Friday routine. It's hum-drum and robotic. Why are we living this way, when we could have a life that we LOVE!?  I need to get us OUT OF HERE! I know in my heart, that we belong on the  beach! 🌴

I am so glad to be a part of this forum, and really look forward to soaking up as much knowledge and guidance here as possible! :)


Hello!  I'm Jim, 59 a 30-year resident of San Francisco, CA.  I'm interested in living in Constanza, DR.  I have read that it has a mild climate due to its altitude, up in the mountains at the base of one of the 10,000 ft. high mountain peaks.  I am attracted to the rich, beautiful agriculture of the DR and the potentially healthful living there.  My concerns include living in a foreign country and access to health care as I age, apart from the usual challenges of finding a safe and decent place to live in with basic conveniences we North Americans have come to expect.  Are foreigners safe or are they targeted by criminals looking for an easy mark, believing us to be wealthy foreigners?

Hi to you both and welcome!!

Read read read.....lots of your questions are answered on here.  Once you read, ask the questions you still have. We are happy to do our best to answer.

Thanks a lot! :)

Let me add my welcome to both of you.  And yes read the multiple threads here as there is a ton of information to be had.

I would also suggest before either of you "make the plunge" that you come and visit, living off the resort, the area you are interested in for  month or two and see if the DR fits for you or that the area you picked is the correct one.  This country is not for everyone and unless you are somewhat prepared you will have  tough go of it.

Bob K

Pam, do what Bob suggests.
He gives the best answers & tells the truth.
6 or 7 years ago I left from 20 miles SE of Elliot Lake, so I
know your feelings about Northern Ontario quite well.
We settled on the North Coast, Cabrera. The nicest town on
this island.
Read EVERYTHING here. That should keep you busy for a month.

Maria and I are from NY. We are currently renting a house in Santiago. We have a place in the states and are looking to buy. The country is delightful, the climate , the people. Maria was born here Bilingual. The both of us are retired. Currently  traveling visiting family . I have to return to the US periodically for medical issues. This blog have been very informative. I will be visiting this site regularly. Thanks again to all.


I'm just been hired from a hotel company in DR, I will probably move in October.
for now I'm  dealing with all the visa paperwork to make it done in time, and getting the basic info like accomodation, food, transportation (which I found this forum very useful).
Finger crossed

Congrats,  and good luck with the paperwork.   What area is the job/hotel  in?

North coast, between Cabarete and Río San Juan.

Sunny congrats on the job and welcome to the forum. Lost of information for you here.  Read and ask any questions you may have.

Bob K


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