DENTAL ? Crown for tooth HOWMUCH???

please anyone have an idea how much for a crown for a tooth in PP any recommendations???

Get in touch with Roomchang Dental Hospital if you want it done right. There are probably dozens of dentists who will do it for a cheaper price but I wouldn't really want them doing something that significant (

Yes they r the best in Cambo

There are others around town also well trained etc. I paid $150 a couple of years back. Excellent group on Monivong around St 360.

I got a crown in 2009 for $95.00 from a place that has opened it's offices in different locations.  Last I knew it was off of a street going to/from Central Market.  The place was Sokol dentistry (or something very close to that).  They do everything up to and including implants (that is about the only procedure I have not done there.  I am now in Vietnam (HCMC) and know of a very good place and it would cost about $100 to get good crown done here now.  As a matter of fact, I got one installed yesterday!  I paid about $675 for a dental implant but need to get a crown now for that but they wait 6 months before installing it so they don't have to do bone grafts.  The total will be between $800 - $950 depending on type of crown (e.g., porcelain/chrome, porcelain/titanium, Zirconia, etc.).

I don't know if the place the other's listed is the same as I called before but they have some dental places that are pretty close to full priced U.S. places.  Which is INSANE for Cambodia.  So better to ask for prices first and if possible call. 

Good luck!

I have been to both Roomchang and Pachem for Crowns and filling several times. Roomchang although "professional" (nice building, interior and x-rays machines etc etc), they take roughly DOUBLE that of Pachem, i,e, a crown and all xrays root filling etc cost me $500. Same thing exactly at Pachem was 225$ (incl. 5 visits). So I reccomend as value for  money Pachem - they are on Noradom blvd. - have a website. Very quick and you'll get a time almost the same day. A first checkup is also free.
Yes I am also a Med. Dr. and check the X-rays etc....

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