Health issue : Pharmacies in Kep?

Hello everyone,
I'm currently in Kep, Cambodia and I somehow I got a bad Herpes outbreak, my lip is all sore and blistered.
Do you recommend any ointment or anything that can help?
I'm using tea tree oil on it but I want something that can work faster.

Thank you loads

I suggest you read this:

"Now, there is a new topical medication for oral herpes that was just approved which may hold more promise, at a cost I’m sure. Sitavig is different and comes in a tablet you place on the gum which delivers a high concentration of acyclovir directly to the lip, the site of the cold sore infection. Sitavig used just once lessened healing time compared to doing nothing."

Second suggestion, you will do well to avoid Chinese medicines.

Third suggestion make sure you write the name of the drug on paper for the pharmacist.  If you can find no Western medication try the generics from India.  I've had good  luck with them.

If you can't locate the medicine iin Kep,go to Pharmacie de la Gare in Phnom Penh.  Do not put your trip/vacation ahead of your health.

Yes , de la care is the best in Phnom Penh by far , but I'm not sure about all Chinese medicines , but I have type 2 diabetic, and I went to a Chinese medicine lady near Russian market , when I left the states my a1c was 9 same weight and now I'm at 6.2, I came back to USA and it got back up to 8, just got back to the states again after another trip and down to 6 again, the tea she gives me has no side effects and she will only give it to me once a week, hey have you ever heard of a doctor who doesn't want to put you on more drugs , I'm coming back to pp for 6 months in may , so can't wait to give up that insulin, no I'm not overweight, Native American, but whatever is in there works for me

TG20-we're talking about 2 different things.  I am referring to pharmaceutical products manufactured in China and sold in pharmacies in Cambodia.  What you are talking about is highly unlikely to be  found in a pharmacy.  While in general I look down on traditional healers it must be admitted that occasionly they have efficacious chemical concoctions.
These natural elixirs have survived the test of time.  My only objection is that the practitioners cannot explain how they work at a biological level.  At least not one subject to empiricism.

Twinsguy, good for you and I totally back your enthusiasm for natural treatments.
The reason you have problems when in the US is the highly unhealthy food situation and even the drinking water is unhealthy.

Hotpepper you can learn a lot about natural treatments, the very old Chinese traditional medicine (5000 years old) plus the Ayurveda medicine provide excellent help in most cases. They are the original medicine, not to be called alternative, as they are the original, modern medicine is only 200 years old and based on earning money, so they keep you sick for as long as possible, they invent diseases (like ADHD) put you and your kids full of vaccines with toxic substances like aluminum, mercury and more. They have screwed health care and replaced by disease management. They don't earn money on healthy people, nor on dead people, so best for them is a lifetime patient and they do their best!

Just a short example of my own experience, very recent.
I got a big scare when I saw blood in my urine, indicating bladder- or kidney stones. Searching in natural cures I came across a herbal remedy, the plant is called "Stone breaker", it crushes the stones and makes them so small that they can be naturally removed through the urine.
But as I could not get it ready here (I ordered at Amazon through a friend) I put my chances on food that does the same. Pineapple, watermelon, pomme granate and the very popular watermelon seeds all do the same, on top they make your body alkaline which prevents new build up of crystals in bladder or kidneys.
I have not had any problem since 2 months now, with only applying these natural products. Nature has a lot to offer, but the human race has lost contact with it.

"I got a big scare when I saw blood in my urine, indicating bladder- or kidney stones. Searching in natural cures I came across a herbal remedy, the plant is called "Stone breaker", it crushes the stones and makes them so small that they can be naturally removed through the urine."

Yes, or it could have been prostate cancer.  Look.I clearly stayed my issues with the so called natural approach.  However they stink at diagnostics and they really can only guess how and why they are effective.  And yes I am fully aware that many of the medicines I value are not all synthetics that originated in a laboratory, indeed not a few come from plants.

Having said that let us assume patient X has rabies or AIDS.  If it were you would you stake your life on a "holistic approach?".  As a side note I find your posts dogmatic and condescending.

If you would have read better you would not have missed the word "most" in my post. Of course there are ailments that are better off with modern medicine, but more and more is widely known about the natural treatments for e.g. cancer (cannabis oil), Alzheimer (coconut oil) and many more.

Re dogmatic, my posts about natural remedies are my personal opinion, based on years of research, experience and learning process. I use it for myself only, have no financial benefits from it but like to inform people that it's not necessary to run to a doc for every ailment, resulting in a bag full of colourful drugs. If people think it's bullocks, ok, forget what I wrote. If people start to research themselves that's fine too.

"If you would have read better you would not have missed the word "most" in my post"

And if you had read my post more closely it would have been clear to you that uI was referring to over the counter medications which are for the most counterfeit.  One such malarial has proven t be ineffective since the ingredients it contains are in such small dosage levels that mosquitoes hav now built up an immunity to it.
I retract none of what I said. As I indicated you could have or even perhaps did more misdiagnose your ailment.  I certainly hope not.
In any case a more careful reading would have made it clear that I was attacking a different issue.  I will not  bother with certain side issues you raised which were gross exaggerations.  We cannot agree to disagree since we aren't talking about the same thing.  So let's just give it a rest, shall we?


I'm afraid qI have to retract my suggestion for medication.  Further googling revealed this

"The cost for Sitavig buccal tablet 50 mg is around $916 for a supply of 2 tablets, depending on the pharmacy you visit. Prices are for cash paying customers only and are not valid with insurance plans."

I originally suggested it since there is evidence that the usually prescribed salves have lost their effectiveness.  If you go to Pharmacie de la gare and have no luck PM me.  I know a fine, foreign trained Dr., who speaks excellent English.  It is so good in fact he is the o nly Cambodian I speak English with.  His medical skills are no less impressive and his fees are highly reasonable.  Do please post again and let us know how things are.

Thanks jo , hey every time I went to my doctor his solution was more medications, I was starting on 10 mg of insulin with three other pills , the Chinese lady started me out on three times a week tea cut me DOWN to a cup a week , 2 mg of insulin now twice a week , my doctor. Was amazed , in fact he thought the blood test was wrong and sent me back for another! But my blood sugar in the morning was 200 after a week with Chinese medicine my blood sugars start at 80-100 , so say what you want , but if I'm not sick how can these USA doctors make money , I'm not a conspiracy guy , but they keep you sick , that's the idea! Doing so well , I need to be in Southeast Asia to keep healthy! Thanks for support joe I always enjoy your insight, and your usually right , also just a note I've been in Thailand for a month and your right about that also , it's a s... hole, treated very badly here , long live Cambodia!!!!!

Good experience Twinsguy, I'm happy for you and it shows the ridiculous money-related disease management in the US (and other countries but the US is champion).  The blood sugar tests say it all, undeniable proof of the natural treatment you got, and I bet you didn't pay a lot for it.
Amazing that your bloodsugar starts at a healthy level <100, just after treatment according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It beat the modern medicine in your case,
If I were you I would write down (or have it written down) the ingredient of the tea you got, if you are somewhere else you can go to any Chinese practitioner and show him/her the recipe, you will get the same product.

Way to go bro, keep up your health in the best way for you!

Hey jo  I think there might be something in there that won't go through customs , I can barely communicate with her , she's the silent type , she won't give me the ingredients, but said any southeast Asian country or china would have this , I ask even for a name ???? But nothing , she is  not comfortable with people from USA I was told by her daughter, ( gosh I wonder why) ha, well I couldn't argue that point with her!!!! So I'm spending as much time there as possible , here is a quote from my doctor in the USA , " your pancreas will never produce insulin on its own, it's not and never will function without insulin" well I'm almost completely off insulin , a insulin pen would last me three weeks to a month at most, but last three month trip I brought one pen , after a ice cream, run my blood sugar shot up to 170s , so I would take 2 mg , before my blood sugar , fasting was always 200, so I would recommend, giving so called alternative medicine a try , I call modern medicine alternative.  You are so right jo , if your not sick the doctor cannot make any money can they ? My quote about going to a orthodontist is "they will but braces on a comb" be back and healthy in Cambodia may 11 ,

Last but not least is a pack of 5 insulin pens cost around 500$ but the tea she charged me 3000 reil , tried to warm her up to me by giving her 1$ or even offered her5$ but she waived me off , she really doesn't like me , so it's like the " soup  guy on steinfeld " I stand there get my tea and leave no words , ha

Twinsguy, you sure your doc said that? Diabetes 2 is a insulin-resistance, meaning that the pancreas produces insulin but not the high dose you need because your body is resisting the uptake of insulin.
What the Chinese practitioner does is give you a product that lowers the insulin resistance in your body, so you can function with less insulin given from outside and use the (normal) amount of insulin your pancreas produces. That is what I know and before writing I checked one site, the American Diabetes Association. Here is the link, I'm not a doctor but I can read and learned a lot that way :)

The lady might have a bad experience with US, I know a very good reason for that in most cases, but don't want to drag it here. Good luck man!

twinsguy20 :

Last but not least is a pack of 5 insulin pens cost around 500$ but the tea she charged me 3000 reil , tried to warm her up to me by giving her 1$ or even offered her5$ but she waived me off , she really doesn't like me , so it's like the " soup  guy on steinfeld " I stand there get my tea and leave no words , ha

$0.75 for the tea? Really amazing although I'm not surprised. She did not want more money, that's her pride....

Well doctor said I cannot live without insulin shots he was wrong , my body does fine now , I'm not up on the specifics as I was in shock to be called  " insulin dependent " wow that shook the s..t out of me basically I would die without his medication, I got  into a heated discussion with another expat on USA , but I know you understand why she's soured on us , I for one can't blame her, but I might have got it wrong with pancreas, but he did call me insulin dependent, I don't even drink so I don't want to be dependent on anything or anyone especially any medicine, I'm very thankful to find this alternative, my terminology is wrong but the dependent part is a direct quote from dr

Yes Twinsguy, it is up until now insulin-dependent although one can discuss the fact that all humans are insulin-dependent, just when the body accepts the insulin from the pancreas there is no problem. If I remember well you went back from 10 to 2 insulin and your blood sugar went nicely under 100. That is great, and the fact the Chinese lady knows how to let the body accept more of the own produced insulin is a great thing.

In general Big Pharma including their doctors try to scare you, telling you you will need to take medicine for the rest of your life. Don't let them scare you, look for natural treatments, most of it is still unknown to the majority of people, but it has been around for centuries or even millennia.

Good result, well done!

Thanks joe , I must admit my poor food choices didn't help, yes my pharmacy bill has decreased , hard for them to make money without just treating the symptoms!

Hi,  If you can get hold of liquid Honey and aspirin, crush one aspirin mix it with the honey place on the infection over night. Should do the trick. Al long as you don't have a allegy to aspirin. Good luck. David.

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