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Hi, so far I've been renting a car for past 2 years, and now decided it's time to stop throwing significant amount towards rental place, and put the same amount into buying a car with loan. So, I'm after a car that is big enough to fit 2 bicycles after folding back seats, but nothing too big, nothing fancy, something that will get me from point A to point B (example: Mazda CX5, Mitsubishi Outlander, Subaru Outback, maybe Nissan Juke...)
What is your opinion, new or used, car shop or private person, any preferred time of year when cars are on sale, which brands or car dealers to avoid, which you can recommend? To take a loan from the car dealership or do banks have better deals... Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.

My first advice would to be to shop for a car that has widely available parts here in Bahrain.  I would stick to the very popular brands like Toyota, Nissan, etc.  Parts can be tricky to get and waiting for things to clear customs at times can be a game of patience.  So by getting a popular brand vehicle you will at least have better odds of being able to find your part, find your part more cheaply, or have it shipped here more quickly.

I would also get from a dealer over a private sale here, there are just so many variables - the environment here in Bahrain can cause many unforeseen issues that would be covered with a dealership warranty on a used or new vehicle.  Also they may provide alternative transportation while yours is in getting some work done.  Lastly, if they treat you right in a few years you can use the same dealer again - repeat business is good for everyone and it may end up saving you some dinars down the road on a future investment.

Of course, you may never have an issue with the vehicle...

Just my opinion, hope you end up finding exactly what you're looking for!


Ramadan is a good time (attractive interest rates), discounts and more.. to buy new one.


Thanks guys, so I'll wait for dealers to announce deals over Ramadan.

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Times in the region have never been worst than now. There are a lot of people leaving for good and the used car market is flooded with tons of options. Considering how the market is I would recommend you to search the used car market. Perhaps in Saudi as well if you are permitted to travel there.

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I'll be in a similar boat to you once I move to Bahrain in a few months time. So I'd love to hear what you ended up doing and how the experience was  :top:

Some good Ramadan deals around at the mo'.

Ramadan is usually the best time to buy New with the best deals, but there can be other decent deals at other times

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