Driving Liscence and test in morocco

Hi everyone, I hope you can advise me.
Have any of you Expats acquired a Moroccan driving license?
I will be driving down from Spain to Essaouira in my Spanish registered car but will take it back after 90 days to sell it there. As I will become resident in Morocco and buy a property it will be essential for me to have a car and therefore a Moroccan driving license. How difficult is this as I have been told not many expats manage to get one?
I have been driving round Morocco for years so well acquainted with the roads. My French is not good and I speak Arabic Fusha not Dirija and I believe the test is in either French or Moroccan Arabic. How difficult can it be as it is essential for me to be able to drive.

Hi Kritzlyn,

I assume you have a valid foreign driving license? if that is the case and since you will become a Moroccan resident, you do not have to do the test nor to get a Moroccan license from 0, but you have the possibility to "exchange" your foreign driving license with a Moroccan one … ngers.aspx

This is a link to the Equipment department in charge of transport regulations, unfortunately the english and spanish versions are not complete. but it states the requisites and documents you should prepare to apply for this exchange.

Hope it helps!

But it takes into consideration the nationality of the applicant, as there are agreements with certain countries to apply such exchange procedure. (Uk is not amongst it, but Spain is) … gueur.aspx

Thanks for this information, very useful.I do have a British license.

You are in the same unfortunate position as myself with a British licence, I also have a licence from the UAE which is not exchangeable. It all seems a little ridiculous because the French licence which is exchangeable is EU and exactly the same as the other 26 EU members.

I just read somewhere that the Spanish one may be interchangeable so might get one here before I leave if that is true.

Where do I take these documents to exchange my license?

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