Bringing your car from abroad to Morocco

If you bring in your car from abroad , how long can you keep it here,for example you want to return to your home country but leave your vehicle. I know its expensive to sell it due to the taxes which are ridiculous ,so its not a case of selling it but needing it.
I got no sense out of the website -regarding importing car for own use.Anyone have a clue about it .
Thanks in advance if you have any advice

you can bring your car and can stay only for 6 month then you must take it out of the country but if you leave without the car the custom at the aeroport they may stop you from that. so the best thing to is to buy one here is cheeper

Thanks for your reply I considered buying here but cars are not cheap-old bangers cost 3 times the price of europe. I have looked on the customs web site and they wanted £ 4000 in tax above the price of the car--if you sell or keep it here.

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