Looking for a french teacher in kinshasa

If any one know about a  good french teacher , request you to please let me know. I am in kinshasa and I would likes to learn french language.

Hi.where about do you live do I can hook you up with a teacher who lives closet to you??

Hi everyone,

@ Samks, i suggest you drop an advert in the Language classes in Kinshasa section of the website so that you get better chances of finding a french language teacher.

All the very best,

@ winnerlov, I  am near to gombe -

Hi all Anyone looking for a french speaker ;
to teach french
to show him some places around
to show how to do things in DRC

Please contact me im in Lubumbashi.

Hi All,
Searching for a french teacher in Kinshasa.

Hi.Could you plz provide your contact details so we can send you a quote?How often do you want the course?

I need a tutor who can come home and tk private tutions.
i think 2-3 classes per week for 2 Hrs. each would be fine. I stay some where near to Utex africa and would prefer evening classes.

Ok great.That's exactly what we are offering at the moment.In fact we do full time and part time tuitions.Could you provide these details in order for us to send you a quote ?
Full name,date of birth, e-mail, telephone, profession and first language...

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