Expat salary package as finance Manager in Kinshasa?

Hi there,

I am preparing my last interview stage as a Finance Manager with a company based in Kinshasa, and I will be asked certainly to give my salary expectation. Honestly I am clueless bout what would that be.

Any one could help how much should this be like ?

Hello Petergreen1701 and welcome on board

While waiting for members to tip in about salary packages you could expect, I invite you to check out the forum section below to have an idea of living expenses in the Democratic Republic of Congo :

> Cost of living in the Democratic Republic of Congo – 2015

> Cost of living in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Thank you Kinjee !! that is of interest


Cost of living in Kinshasa is high, especially accommodating and the good food. Assuming that accommodation, medical expenses are born by the company, I would recommend you not to ask less than 3000usd.

Hafedh Ibrahim
Chief Accountant
Afri Mahs Congo

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