expat owes another expat money how to get it back


I lent a so called friend a sum of money and they have not paid it, they promised to pay in one month.

Its been 1.5 years and no money has been returned. I wish to final exit in 2 months so would like the money returned.  He is a lebanese expat. He has come up with so many excuses, lied that he lost his job, I called up his work place and hes still working there.

He even threaten me not to approach him in text in an angry way after I asked him many times to return it, he will not answer my calls. I have been very patient while hes been dishonest and rude. The irony is he keeps saying hes being a gentlemen and hes broke.

As though he did me the favour.  If I have proof on my whatsapp, as I know his phone number is connected to his iqama.  can I go to the police or even his sponsor. I like to resolve this without involving the police, what can I say to him that would make him pay before taking it further.

can I go to his sponsor what would I say? Would you suggest that,  What would happen?

I will be final exiting in two months. How can I get my money back. If anything.

That's quite a cookie,try to talk to this individual in person and explain your situation
unless he's already aware that you are leaving and is low to the point of taking this as a residence of the money he owe..

Thanks he sees my messages but will not answer the phone and will not meet. He is fully aware that I am leaving. I feel that if anything no one should ever lend money as I have done to another it can be a nightmare for the lender and ruins friendships.

sharif_sircar :

That's quite a cookie,try to talk to this individual in person and explain your situation
unless he's already aware that you are leaving and is low to the point of taking this as a residence of the money he owe..


What about his friends,do you know anyone who can help convince him to sort it out?

Well, I have met his sister and brother  in law at their home in riyadh. He used the money to use for his wedding. All of them are contactable via facebook.

Try to do one of the following:
- Ask the help of someone who has influnce over him to pay back your money.
- You may ask the help of a spcialized company to collect your money but that may cost you 20%.
- Or just simply ask the help of the police who may forward the case to a court.

BTW, most people have experienced bad stories with borrowers; so, don't feel you are alone.

Thanks Anooos, if he doesnt pay me in this life I know I'll get it back jn the next. Though prefer it now lol

Simple solution before you delay and lost;

Go to police station and complaint against him with no evidence but his mobile no and whatsapp message, police will take action same time, it's happen here in Jeddah, I did that already and got back my money, so go head. If you need further information or any help come to inbox.

You can try to stress out on his morals as this is not a good behaviour of a respected Muslim (assuming he is) and that God is watching him.
This does usual the trick.

If not than go to the police with your messages and phone calls history.

A lesson for everyone: if you want to lend to someone, let them signed an agreement between you.

Thanks  your advice your advice is much appreciated

How did they return the money. To you in person or to the police.

Contact to police you will knows, it's easy if you are on right and have proof, then don't let him to play with you.

do you have any type of proof for the lending such as transfer receipt from a bank, check, witnesses, etc?

Give me his name, address, and a photograph of him and if he doesn't pay up,  I will break his legs...only 5% charge...just kidding..don't lend or borrow money

...set a date (this week since you are leaving soon!) at which you will go to police and inform his employers.
Tell him it is not advisable to call your bluff on this one!

Before going to the police it is better you inform him that you will raise the case to the sponsor (Kafeel).

That is an excellent idea. Do it today!

Fill the MF in!

Without a doubt, go to his sponsor and police.

I doubt if the police will show interest in such a case between expats when there are bigger fishes to fry.  You do have some interesting approaches above given by fellow expats, however chances of getting money that has gone is very less. Even the sponsor cannot interfere, this is between two consenting individuals. If you had some kind of written agreement or sorts perhaps as Yossef11 mentioned this might have helped.

Involving the sponsor in the issue is a threat he may terminate him or issue a him a final nal exit

Hello people,  update here!

Thank you for your help,  may god bless you all. Especially my friends saudi taxi driver/former policeman who spoke to him and said that if he didnt pay me in a week, were going to the police. May god bless him and his family. Some saudi people insist on helping without wanting anything, they are amazing. The borrower said he will pay me next week. Inshallah he does.

It is really difficult for expat women here with these kinds of dilemmas. This forum is a blessing.

There is a lesson to be learnt, careful who you trust and make sure you have everything written regardless of the depth of your friendship. Luckily I had it recorded on my whatsapp messages.

Thank you, lovely ppl.

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Welcome anytime Selena  :thanks:

Selena, If the guy did not pay you, let me know.

Thank you, Yosseff I will.

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