Moving to Ecuador - residency visa question

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I plan to move to Ecuador or Chile at the end of 2016 or early 2017.
So i already started a while ago to learn Spanish and to inform me about visa regulations, but primary about Chilean visa regulations.
Now i digged a bit deeper into Ecuadorian residency visas.

My situation:
After completing my current work contract i will get a monthly severance payment (from the government, i work for a public authority) of $1100 for 18 months + some "extra" cash...$35,000 in total.

I dont think that will be sufficient to qualify for the "Rentista (Pensioners) visa" because the monthly payment is restricted to 18 months.

Because i have, aside from my severance payment, $25,000+ "leftover", the "Investors visa" sounds very interesting.


As far as i know, you need to invest (as a single person) $25,000 in an bank account in Ecuador.
at least thats what i have read on the internet. ( does seem to be only avaiable in spanish)

Especially i would like to know under what circumstances you get that money back and if you have access to the money after opening the bank account.
Also, does this Investors visa lead to temporary residency first and later to permanent residency ?
What are the requirements for permanent residency if you start with a investors visa ?

I would not mind paying a immigration attorney or visa specialist.
Would you recommended to use such a service, especially if one is not fluent in Spanish ?

Thanks for your help !

Dear Wiggum,

Welcome to the Ecuador forum.

The information is still current and accurate.  If you invest at least $25,000 in an EC certificate of deposit, you will have met the financial requirement for an investor residency visa.

This is a full-fledged, permanent visa enabling you to live anywhere in Ecuador.

You are required to maintain that amount in a CD in order to preserve your visa rights.  You do not have free access to take out a portion of the funds that would reduce below a 25K level.

Should you exercise your right to cash out the CD, you would no longer have the residency privileges accorded to visa holders.


Once you have your permanent residency visa, Wiggum, you would need to stay in Ecuador and meet the out-of-country travel restrictions of the visa rules in order to maintain visa privileges.

This means:

1.  In Years 1 and 2, you may not travel outside Ecuador for more than an aggregate total of 90 days each year.  Year 1 is defined as the 365-day period that begins on the date indicated as the start of the visa's "vigencia" or validity.

2.  After Year 2, you are restricted to 18 months outside Ecuador in any five-year period.

3.  Starting with Year 4, you may unburden yourself of the travel restrictions by applying to become a citizen of Ecuador.


Thanks for the answer cccmedia !  :top:

So does the "VISA 9-II, INVESTOR IN TITLES, BANK CERTIFICATE, DEPOSIT CERTIFICATES, BONDS" lead directly to permanent residency if you fulfill all requirements ?

Do you get access to the "interest" (is that the correct english word) generated by your money ?

So basically if you get Ecuadorian citizenship or if you (or the Ecuadorian administration) decide to abort the immigration process, you will get full access to your money again ?

Are there any other requirements (besides the usual stuff...certificate of good conduct and so on), does seem to be only available in spanish and i wont trust google translator here.

Would you recommend to use a immigration attorney or visa specialist ?

My name is James and I'm currently living in Ecuador for 8 months, I really love this country. I have a pensioner visa because I qualified for it, but your case is different you can choose between the investor visa or the professional visa, these visa are the most common.
I can recommend you to use the services of Attorney Pablo Espinoza and his team Helping Expats Group. They have great experience with residency visas in Ecuador and other legal matters.
When I came to Ecuador, I brought all my paperwork ready so I think you can do the same, or if you prefer you can ask Pablo to help you getting all the paperwork and assist you during the whole process, that's your choice.
Contact him, he will asnwer all your doubts.

Good Luck!!!

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