Watching US tv and movies in Panama

I'm tech challenged and want to keep it simple.. We're moving to Panama and wonder what prep I need to do?

We bought a "Router VPN" from a company called Witopia. You will find them at:  Witopia has excellent customer service.
There are many ways to do things in Panama, but for us this was the easiest way to get around the problems of downloading. You can the buy either an Apple TV box or an Amazon TV box. Plug an Ethernet cable into the box from the router and download movies and shows to your TV. All must be bought in the U.S. as they will not ship to Panama.
You should also buy a "Magic Jack" phone system. You can keep your home phone number and make calls to the U.S. for free once you come to Panama. Also your friends and family in the U.S. can call you for free, just like they do now.
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I'm getting a bit confused. Am I seeing Snowbid advice on this topic or Ex-pat advice?  If you have a home in the US and a home phone then perhaps Magic Jack is a great idea for Snowbirds who vacation during the winter months but why would I keep paying for a US phone if I'm living as a full time Ex-Pat? Isn't phone and Internet cheaper in Panama period?
I guess the same goes for TV? Wouldn't one have to keep going back to the States to then download these programs?
Please clarify which type you are when you're giving out advice on this forum. A Snowbird or a full time Ex-Pat because it's getting very, very confusing for those of us looking for specific advice, especially when it comes to setting up phone, Tv and Internet! Some of us will NOT be running back and forth to the States.
Can someone please lay this out for us?

The advice that was given is expat advice.  I don't watch TV but I have the Magic Jack phone plan.  I also use Skype and Skype Out.

Do you have to purchase extra data from your satellite service (like Claro) to download and watch movies or tv shows?  If so what does it cost per month?

I'm curious, too, about how to use the modem for tv.

To watch U.S. TV shows and movies in Panama, you will get them via your internet.  Some are shown on the cable TV service but it is limited.  Live streaming of many TV shows is possible in the U.S. but it isn't always possible in Panama.  When you try, you get a message saying it is "not available in your country" or something similar.  So.... what people in Panama do is get a service of some type that hides their Panama IP address and replaces it with one that does not block access.  Once you have that done you use your Smart TV  as your monitor/screen to get the internet live show via WiFi or ethernet cable. So you can get the router that hides your IP address that was mentioned, or use another service.  I hope this answers some questions.

Thank you!

It's too bad Netflix has been aggressively shutting down that cross-border stuff, but nordVPN (based in Panama as it happens) is still able to offer US Netflix around the world - but ONLY US Netflix.

Thank You !

I have been hearing of VPNs no longer working lately.  I don't have a TV since I rarely watch it but I do wish I could get Pandora (for music) here.  Spotify just isn't as friendly.

get a second box for direct TV or DISH Network in the US
with a 6' dish you will get a good signal the bigger the better

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