Internet Speeds in Panama

"High Speed" is, of course, a relative term.  I have heard that term used and found out later, much to my dismay, that 5 Mbps is the highest in that area.  I've also seen speed statements that would seem to be well out of date.

How can I find out, with certainty, 1) the current high speed in Mbps, 2) the providers and 3) the costs; in different towns and cities in Panama?  This will determine where I live, or if I even move to Panama,  since I need genuine high speed.

Thanks for any information you may provide.

We have Internet with Cable Onda

I thought we have only 6 mbs but we can stream Netflix and do anything we need. They have also been very reliable. I can't remember the last time our internet went down. We are in David. You'll pay more for less in rural areas so you'll probably need to be in or near a city.

Thanks, kristc99. 

I was just in a hotel in Panama City which had 12 Mbps in the hotel's business center.  I couldn't live-stream a seminar nor could I get steady later playback on recorded video of the same for longer than 30 minutes. 

I _was_ able to skype, with video, for an hour.  Uninterrupted video skype for 2 hours is essential for my work in coaching over the internet.  Can you do that with 5 Mbps?

Are there other options like cable internet or satellite internet anywhere outside of Panama City?


I think so, but I don't have the same needs as you. We can stream Netflix and Skype or FaceTime with family without problems so that's all I need to be happy. If you are on Facebook you might look for a group - Expats in Panama. I'm sure there are people there who rely on internet and can give you better information.

Thank you!

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