Environmental protection in Nigeria


Environmental protection is a challenging issue for all the countries around the world. Would you say this issue is deemed of significance in Nigeria?

Is the country going green through initiatives like waste management and selective sorting programs, renewable energies, public transport, green awareness campaigns and so forth?

How do you personally commit to improve the environment in your daily life?

We would greatly appreciate if you could tell us more about the various local initiatives for sustainable development in Nigeria.

Many thanks in advance!


Lets start by asking the cleaning trucks that are taking the trash to cover it properly for not leaving all trash behind them after saying that they have passed to get it. They actually are the worst when they passed in the streers as they leave everything behind.. Thx

There are a few private organisations that are trying to promote environmental awareness, and the Federal Ministry of the Environment has various policies in place to support such, but in general they are not enforced, nor widely practiced. Most of the 'reuse' is from scavengers sifting through the trash. My husband and I have started a company in Abuja in which we are trying to separate recyleable materials from the general waste, but have found that many company workers find the process of separating tedious. Small businesses and people in the satellite areas in general support such initiatives as they encounter the trash problems daily..

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