Looking to connect with females in Al Ain

Hi ladies,

I have recently moved to Al Ain and I am looking to meet other females that live here for activities or just a coffee.

I would appreciate insider tips on places to see etc.

I have discovered quiet a lot lately and I am happy to share my experiences.

Just to remind all you gentlemen out there... this topic thread is for

James Experts Team

Thanks for this James!! :-)


I am female and new in Al Ain. I am also looking for female friends to meet and take coffe and share experiences. I am from Italy, arrived in Al Ain 15 days ago. Where are you from?

Hi Rive, nice to hear from you and welcome to Al Ain!
I am from Germany. I will be organising a big coffee morning in April.
If you  like I will keep you posted on the exact date. Other than this if you like to grab a coffee sometime before we can do that. What part of Al Ain are you staying? We are in Hili.


I will be very happy to join your big morning coffee in April, and even  to meet you before.
At the moment I live in a hotel, I am still looking for a new flat. I am in the Al Jahili area. I am here since Fbb 14th, so I do not know anything about the city. I work from Sunday to Thursday, so Ican  meet friends on Sunday and Saturday.
Have you been here since long time?

I don't really know where that is. :-) I have moved here 6 months ago. I habe been living in Dubai for the last 5 years so it has been a big change for me. I am happy to give you suggestions on what I know about Al Ain so you are welcome to contact me. Coffee sounds great. Let's PM each other so I can send you my contact details.

I'll be Ain in July hopefully I can link up with you ladies

Hi. I've recently moved to al ain... currently looking for a best friend...someone I can hang out with, share and explore together

Hey you'all, I was born in Al ain but I am looking for new people and friends because why not xD

Hey, you still gather up to talk and have coffee?

Does anyone like to play badminton?

Send me ur number.

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