Filipinos located in Rheinland-Pfalz?

I arrived here December 2014, and up till now I haven't met any Filipinos in this area. I'm living in a small village, 10 km  from the city of Landau in der Pfalz. Hard to find friends here because our neighbor are old ones. Iam a Nurse in Philippines, I love working with old people it's just that at this moment, I am a bit lonely. I miss my hometown, I miss talking in our language, I miss the weather. Say, everything in the Philippines. :)
Living here is hard, adjustments and everything. I really do want to meet Filipinos and maybe have a meet ups and talk about Germany or Philippines. :)

My name is Raiza.
nice to meet you. Kamusta? :)

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Hello Raiza,
I am Fero from Bonn. I have a lot of fFilipino friends here. I can give you a fw contacts here .
If you like you can email me ***

Spring is coming in a week or two then you will feel better. The days will get longer and it will be bettr. If you need someone to talk to you can always call me. I work from home.
Have a nice evening


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Hi Raiven.
Well it takes a while but for sure you can meet some Filipinos friends. I am Nurse too working now and currently living in Hamburg already. Been around 4 1/2 years here in De. Starting a bit hard, but for sure makakayanan mo din yan. Even recognizing our papers for being a Nurse, i mean back to Zero ka talaga , at first the language is not easy and 2nd you have to pass there State Board exam in order na ma recognize and License natin as Nurse. As i said again di talaga madali at first but later makakayanan mo dn yan.

Greets from Hamburg.

Hello im Ann and living in Solingen. And im lso nurse in the phil. What do you do to make your papers here to be recognize can you give me some Tips? Thank u

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