Tips and advice to thrive in Qatar


When living in a foreign country, you have to adapt to a new environment, various cultures and different social codes.

How did you manage to adjust to Qatar?

How long does it take to feel at home? Would you say it is an easy process?

According to you, what is key for a successful integration process in Qatar?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience!


well,at times we must say that we adopt by pretence not the real we,what do i mean that you must only accept that you are in a foreign state which is different and only you have to keep it with in your heart,
careless what may seem not to be in line of your interest and social life.

Focus on what brought you here, do your work well and with open to learn new culture and language...dont take life too seriously, hv some fun but do not forget to save money to complete your projects back home, help those who need your assistance, educate and empower a poor child in your society back home and lastly, do not forget your creator..Just but to mention a few  :(

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