Hi filipinas get a 21 day entrance to Cambodia Does any one know how long they can extend  their Renewal without leaving the country? Thx

One month extension, one time.

If longer stay is planned, a business (aka ordinary) visa can be obtained upon entering, which can be extended for 1, 3 , 6 or 12 months, and even beyond that.

So the filipina should have asked for a business visa rather than accepting the 21 day freebie Right? ( if they want to stay several months )

Yes, several months is not 21 days. Tourist visas and exemption visas (like this) can only be extended once for the time of one month. So that makes the maximum 21 days plus 30 days.... Several months stay means indeed a business (ordinary) visa plus extensions.

A filipina can extend for a month only after the 21 day free entry viSa, then have to exit to get longer visa extension.. what i did was i went to vietnam to exit and come back the same day(visa run) i had 19 days free entry. After 19 days thats the time i extended my visa for 6 multiple entry..
actually we have a some few easy exits to choose from... good luck....

Can after the 21 days exit by land and get a business visa?  Which border is it possible to do this ? From PP  please ? I have heard it may be problematical since most r tourist visas and the bus people gather everyones passports amd process them rather than each person doing it individually .
Thank for info

When u take  i
,   a bus did u give oassport to driver or did u take passport yourself at border to get multiple entry ? Business or ordinary visa ... Which border did u go to ? Thx

Yes you can get bisiness visa after exit.. Actually thats true, they will collect the passports and process it all together if you exit to Vietnam, but different in Poipet border...

My first exit was Vietnam since its closer and I did it by myself. As I got to the border the bus driver took all our passports and we waited for our name to be called and as soo  as your name is called, get your passport and walk to the other building to enter Cambodia again. Fill in the  departure card. Cue in line and they will stamp it. Do as quick as you can since no more travel agencies do visa run trips. So you have to take chance ask every bus driver if they have available seats back to Phnom Penh.. I left 7:00 am and got back in PP 6 pm... good luck!

after my vietnam border visa run...I  had 19 days free entrance visa...a day before my free entrance visa expired, i took my passport to a travel agency and asked them to extend my visa for 6 months multiple entry.

Is it really worth all the trouble, just to save a few bucks?
I can't believe that people that want to travel and stay long time in a country are not prepared to pay the duties of a visa.

The travel to the border is not for free, so money lost there, at the end there is not so much gained, isn't it? Get a visa on arrival and let an agency do the extension for 6 months. No need to leave the country, no hassle, but quiet stay for a few bucks more.

Of course my personal opinion.

As asians we cant get business visa unless we go out of the country... and come is not we are not prepared to pay for it, but its what agencies would always tell us to do... we also hate hastles, i personally dont like it.
I   respect your opinion and good for you that you can get it as easy as one two three... not for us, and its actually extra expenses but we have to... :)

Mr joekhmer, its not saving few bucks, its not we are dumb, its not that we are not ready to pay... we are just not as lucky as you.

ANY tourist (except a few countries like Bangladesh) coming in into Cambodia can apply for a tourist visa or a business visa!

I have myself experience with a Thai woman, coming in at Hat Lek, getting a business visa for $35 and extended it through an agency during the month it was valid.

As Thais are as much Asian as you are I don't see why you could not do this. Maybe some agency told you wrong things? Did you check at the website of the Cambodian Immigration?

I attach a link that gives complete information about obtaining visas. … dia-visas/

Check what is possible and then make your plans. Good luck!

That is a great link joe ! For expats there is a lot of info like you have posted In regards to a fipino mostly Not .Not only are the customs ignorent many times for them and others . I have a filipina who entered and they gave her a C visa , not a tourist  visa so she could not renew at a travel agency for the 30 day extension .She didnt know the difference when she first received it as almost no would .So back out again to take 2!

Yes, sometimes things go wrong, but that does not mean the rules are wrong or unclear.Very strange to receive a C-visa, which is a courtesy visa, usually not given out for tourist purposes. Must have gone wrong.

From the Philippines I guess people fly into Cambodia and at the airport an ordinary visa can be obtained, no hassle, no bribes. On land crossings it is much more complicated, as bribes (they call it service fee) can be like $20, and that on a $35 visa!

So my advice would be fly in and fill out your application in the plane, or get a visa on forehand at an embassy of Cambodia in your country.

And always check what they put in your passport, also dates. If not correct you can have it corrected, if you don't bother it is too late.

Thats just a month...what he was asking was business visa for 6 months... I tried agencies not just one and they said they cant give me business visa for one month I  have to do the exit and get visa that I can renew for business visa the after 19 days.

I think you start the wrong way. Forget about the 21 day visa exemption. If you want to stay longer, start with a business visa, attained at the airport of arrival, or even at the Cambodian Embassy in your country (if there is one). That way you come in with a 30 day visa, that can be extended as long as you want (and pay). No need to leave the country, any travel agency can do it for you.

If you start with the 21 day visa free possibility, you have no visa to extend, so you must leave the country and apply for a visa when you enter Cambodia again. Forget the 21 day visa-free if you want to stay (much) longer. Start with a ordinary visa (E) for 30 days and extend it as much as you want, without any hassle, traveling out or whatever.

Good luck!

You should avoid those travel agencies!

You can apply for a business (ordinary) visa on arrival (best is airport) or on forehand if there is a Cambodian Embassy in your country. With the ordinary visa valid for 30 days you can extend for how long you wish, no need to do it yourself, any travel agency can do it for you. Just do it before the 30 days are over.

Does any one know the prices charged in Phnom Penh for the entrance renewal and 6 months and 1 year visa??
4 prices
Neil Snyder  who has friends staying in Thailand who may move here.

35us for Ordinary I believe  ..... update on C visa  for Everyone who has a 21 day visa free entry DONT TAKE IT ! ( if u intend to stay longer in Cambodia.) this is for Filipinas especially ! go to the immigration line that does Ordinary Visa or if u only want to stay a couple of months a Tourist visa is good 😀( longer than 2 months up toa year  in the country u need ordinary visa 35 us)both the tourist and the ordinary visa can be renewed in the country ...... If u accept the 21 days visa free u Must ,  Must exit the country and enter again ! A hassle especially at Land borders ..... The C  visa was finally corrected at Babet border .... Received ordinary visa 45 us ( 35 + service fee )

Fees for extension of Ordinary visa:

1 month $42 single entry
3 months $72 single entry
6 months $152 multiple entry
12 months $282 multiple entry

If you use an agency it can be a bit higher, e.g. I pay for 12 months $300.

Joe do u know what the fee is for tourist visa extension

I think it's $45, 30 days extension, single entry.

Just for anyone who has an infant if u plan on being in Cambo for months get an ordinary visa for the infant and renew it 30 days after entry for 1 year 35us

Hello all, is it possible to obtain an ordinary visa from vietnam to cambodia via bus?

We plan to fly to ho chi minh from the philippines spend a few days there and then take a bus to phnom penh.

We want to get the ordinary visa not a tourist visa or the like. We plan to stay awhile in cambodia.

So from what I gather the passports of those riding the bus are gathered together and automatically stamped with a tourist/c visa or no visa-needed thingie? Or will there be  forms where I can indicate I want an ordinary visa not a tourist visa?

Should I forget this plan altogether and fly to cambodia directly and get the ordinary visa from the airport? We are really hoping to spend a few days in vietnam first and then go to cambodia.  :(

We are philippine passport holders. Thanks in advance.

Yes you can do it  at the border by bus but there are crrtain ones that do and i believe a couple that dont ... Make sure you have  a ORDINARY PICTURE SAMPLE To show  when they  collect the passports to insure they Know you want this !  98% are for tourist visas so they are on automatic pilot so you must be very emphatic you want an Ordinary visa ..,,. And of course dont get Snowed by the 3  week no visa or you will be crossing the border again As u want to stau there a while endure that you get the ORDINARY VISA  .... You will pay a little more for it ( for them to get it done gor u ) BUT ITS WORTH IT!   Wimbletone[at]  if u need a sample ORDINARY VISA ! Good travels i will post later what Border crossing that worked for me and the filipina ...,

There are two land border crossings giving out visas:

Cambodia-Vietnam border

1. Bavet International checkpoint
2. Kha Orm Sam Nor International checkpoint

But a lot of hassle. First it involves bribing (they call it service fees) of 5-20 USD. Second the bus people don't want to make exceptions, they want all passengers the same quick entry and not wait for someone needing a business (ordinary) visa. If you don't mind, get off the bus, take your time to get a visa and take the next bus into the country.

The best way if arriving over land is to get a visa on forehand at the Cambodian embassy in Manila.

The other best way is fly in. All three international airports (PP, SR and SHV) supply visas, no hassle, no bribes. There are flights from HCM to PP and also to SHV.

Hope this helps.

Bavet is the one i used and yes i would get off the bus , taking your time and take another bus to finish  like Joe K above mentions ! To insure no mistakes ! And it is better flying in as u wont have any issues generally .... Up to u

Thank you so much for the replies. Really appreciated.

I'll try to be clear as possible then that I want ordinary visa not tourist/not c visa, etc.

@Wimbleton, sent an email for the ordinary pic sample. thanks a bunch.

Regarding visa from manila, unfortunately Im from southern philippines and no plans of going to manila yet before the actual flight date. plus with all the immigration "restrictions" imposed on filipino citizens, I'm a little apprehensive to get an advance ordinary (formerly known business visa) beforehand.  :unsure. But I'll try to explore all possible options on getting visa from manila beforehand.

Really appreciate all the info guys. Thanks once again.

Just remember an "E" visa (ordinary not a tourist visa "T")) is only valid for thirty days - Then you can renew for up to either 3, 6, or 12 months. Also remember that you cannot have multiple entry (in and out) on the 3 month extension - multiple entry is only permitted on the 6 and 12 month renewals

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