Dependent VISA Timelines

I travelled to Belgium on Jan 3rd 2016 on a long term WP. I am planning to get my wife and kid here.
Have heard that the time taken for Dependent VISA is 4-6 months only if the stay in Belgium has crossed 6 months as the documents will be sent to Belgium, else the dependent visa would be given in a week. In my case i have completed only 1 month.

Please let me know if this is correct.

No one can comment on how they do it, even I was aware that it will be after 6 months only but they sent my Wife application to Belgium and I am here from last 3 month only.

Any file that the local consulate cannot take a decision on, is sent to Belgium. How are they classifying the files, I have no clue.

The best way is, and most of the applicants miss this is to apply together. When you apply for D type visa with your WP, file the application of dependents at that time itself. In 99% cases, visa is approved in a few days if you have all documentation right.

I applied to Belgium D visa at vfs pune on 4th April along with my wife. I have an employment contract and work permit from a Belgium company.  Today I called vfs and they told that my application is processed and my passport is couriered to me (I hope with visa stamped on it). However my wife's application is sent to Belgium immigration for further assessment. I guess her application falls under the unlucky ones ;)
I have gone through this forum and see that we are in for a long ride with Belgium immigration. However when I asked the VFS fellow abt processing time he said normally it's 11 to 12 days. So my questions are,
1. Have they now improved the processing time for application? Anyone with recent experience?
2. I planned to travel on 18 April to Brussels to start my job. Does it make sense for me to go ahead with the trip with my wife's application still under process?
3. Vfs said that my wife's passport will be at Belgium consulate Mumbai. In an event that the application takes 3+ months to process, will they keep the passport with them for entire duration?
4. Anybody tried approaching with a lawyer and fast track the procedure? I saw a post that with collage or university letter for spouse , the processing time can be reduced. anyone tried this option?

Many thanks,


These days mostly all D visa request getting send to Belgium. For my wife same happened though I was already in Belgium when D visa was filed. It took around 15 days when my wife application started showing on immigration site. Following were timeliness.. Delhi vfs sent file to Delhi embassy on 11th Feb. Embassy sent it to Belgium on 17th Feb then on 2nd March it started showing on immigration website and on 4th March decision was taken on her application. 6th March passport was dispatched by vfs and she got it on 7th March.

Thanks for the reply..

I checked the help documents given to me by the relocation consultant firm (appointed by my employer).

"When the visa type D is applied for, it is important to know that in case your family members will join you to Belgium more than 6 months after you obtain your Visa D from the Belgian Consular Authorities, they will need to present additional documents in order to obtain their Visa D from these Belgian Consular Authorities and processing times may amount to 6 months. "

So, indirectly, I guess if the dependent is applying together with main applicant or within 6 months of main applicant getting a visa, they have a different and faster procedure. complicated :)

This is true. If you apply together, the scrutiny is less complex :) Maneesh, 18th April still is too optimistic.

My wife's application status on dofi website is now changed.  In the decision section it now says-

"En attente de la réception de documents étayant la demande de visa envoyés par valise diplomatique par le poste diplomatique/consulaire."

what does this mean? translating it in English did not make any sense to me.

It says ministry asked additional documentation to the consulate.

Consulate may not have this, as they send everything (you submitted with the application), to the ministry.

I assume consulate will demand additional documentation to you via VFS soon.

WoW this is very fast and great .
wish I could get the same response like you got bro.

My wife has applied for a short term family and friends visit visa
she applied on 24/08 at vfs chennai.
she had an interview 30/08 at mumbai
Her files were sent to belgium for further verification on 1/09

they say just get an answer regarding the approval of the visa would take between 1 to 2 months from the date of application.

This is very dissapointing because we expected ahe would get her visa in 10 working days.

I am very afraid regarding the time period they would take when I apply for a long term visa in the future dor the proccessing time.

Do you know the documents that will be required to bring my wife to belgium ? (I work in antwerp.)


There are so many numbers which number do you guys enter when checking status? … ation.aspx

-Visa Application Number: BEL01xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5
-Internet number: VOWINTxxxxxxx
-Reference number: VFSxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Which one should be used? and partially or fully?

Just enter referance num partially like this  3456

Just the last 4 digits of reference number?

VFSDOH000001234 ..... so I only enter .... 1234

I get no results in all cases. My family applied on 15th of Oct 2017.

Hi there ELANCORE!
You send an email to VFS or the Belgium embassy to request for the FILE NUMBER so you can track the status at the website.

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