to work as a doctor

I'm planning to migrate to new Zealand with my husband.I would like to work as a doctor.anybody know how to get started?

First you need to find out if you qualify for a visa. Go online, find the NZ govt website for the information.

Any qualifications you have must be come from a recognised college or training institution. You may well have to undertake additional training here before you can work as a doctor.

I went through an agency called Accent Health Care. They got me the interview and were a great guide as far as how to put together my CV and apply for licensure and such.

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I'd like to draw your attention again to the second paragraph in stumpy's reply, because that is the hard reality here: Kiwi's are convinced that their own training is second to none by world's standards, despite the fact that their own medical training institution ranks around the 280 level in that comparison.
It is similar to the situation with the driver education in this country, which in fact is simply non-existing, but nevertheless there are voices advocating that foreigners be forced to sit an exam to demonstrate that they can cope with the irratic way Kiwi's behave on the roads, I guess.
Although there are many good reasons for considering starting a new life in this country, IT's NOT EASY, BY NO MEANS. Despite what they'd like to think themselves, Kiwi's are not a very welcoming bunch at all. They are masters in paying lipservice and in pretending that they are so easy going and helpful. Yes, for their own sort, but not so for foreigners.

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Never a truer word said! And as for your average Kiwi driver they would have a crash within minutes in most other countries the way they drive. They don't have indicators on cars here because no one uses them,and they drive about 1 metre or so behind you at all speeds.

I agree Kiwis aren't the best drivers in the world but they do use indicators for the most part. At least in the Auckland area they do. They're not the worst drivers I've ever seen but still drive worse than where I'm from. It's mainly the motorcycles you have to watch out for. They drive like they own the roads and if you are not careful you will end up with one on the hood of your car. Auckland is probably friendlier and more helpful than other areas because a large percentage of Auckland is made up of immigrants. I know what Roorex means about the friendliness part especially if they work for a government agency. They can be very hard to get information from sometimes. I would say over all they are a good bunch of people though and I much prefer NZ over the USA any day.

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So, are you still planning to come to New Zealand ?  I jave just joined up  I look forward to your reply and advise I can assist you with your inquiries.  Thank you  Philip


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