Nicaragua on a budget $100 USD per day.

I would welcome advice on communities to rent an apartment with AC, in communities outside of the Managua. I have research some options on the most popular websites. I am asking to hear personal recommendation and experiences of communities hospitable to my budget and are safe in the daytime.

The areas are Leon, Granada, Masaya and San Juan de Sur. Of course pm if there is a specific apartment you have in mind. I would like access to a frequent and multiple bus route, middle or upper economic class neighbourhood of local people, quite every day of the week and during the night. Some housing are great during the week, then turn loud during party night at the disco or bar.

$30 to $60 per day for a full apartment, not a shared space. Totally enclosed from the outside.

$20 per day for food, two meals. $20 per day to travel in the city and intercity.

Thank you greatly in advance.


You should check this link out for condos in San Juan del Sur.  These have a/c and rent or sell.

I rent when ever an opening is available and I am in San Juan at the same time.  It's better than a hotel and only 15 min from town.

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Hello everyone,

Please refer to the Housing in Nicaragua section of the website if you are looking for accommodation.

Thanks in advance

I see my link did not post, but I like condos that are in a fenced development like Las Escadas,  When you have a stand alone condo you are open to petty theft.  But please don't assume that I am saying that Nicaragua has a high crime rate, it just the opposite,  Las Escadas has security and close neighbors that can discourage unwanted visitors,  In San Juan del Sur you can also look into San Juan del Sur news.  They have classifieds that show apartments for rent.  Look for it on the internet also.

Thank you for the suggestion moderator. I did look initially in the housing section. There aren't many listings of accommodations. It was not very helpful.

It did not have my primary interest, recommended neighbourhoods to stay.

Try looking at
Also Craig's list -Nicaragua. 
I have found Encuentra24 to be my best bet in finding a long term place to stay in Nica. Wife ( from Nica ) and I have been traveling to Nica since the Somoza days.
If interested in White Towns, word of mouth goes far and spreads fast.  We spread the word as we were staying at a Hotel in Deriamba.  Found a nice colonial 1 BR 1 bth. For $170. Two blocks from cent park. Two blocks from grocery and a bank across the street w/a friendly security guard. Cable and ISP was $90.00   Try, many, many choices.

HI. I reviewed the website. it does has a lot options. I didn't see many in the areas I wish to visit, for this trip. I will add the site to my resource list.

I couldn't found an acceptable apartment in Leon, with short notice. I was wondering about hotel suggestions. I would not like a hotel where they music from downstairs or an adjacent business in heard in the room. I am not interested with hearing people and loud music while I am sleep.

Some of the hotel, appear pleasant from the pictures.

Thanks in advance.

I forgot to mention I will stay in Leon for a week.

I looked at the housing section, there are only 4 listings and none meet my criteria.

I had a successful trip to Nicaragua. HeyBlue and Pancho 2, your advice was helpful while in the country. I will add Central America to my list of places to frequent. Without counting airfare, spending less than $90 a day is easily achievable while having a modern apartment, good meals and visit a place outside of town.

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