Need a good Real Estate Agent in Nicaragua...know any?

Hello Members!

My wife and I are considering moving to Nicaragua to retire.  We currently reside in the USA.  Has anyone used a good Real Estate Agent in Nicaragua that they could recommend to us?  Preferrably from an established company like ReMax or Century21.

Thank you.


At this time there is no licensing in Nicaragua so being an established name does not mean competence.

There are some reliable realtors you can trust.

San Juan del Sur  Pedro Resau and his wife Gabby
Leon     Jordan Clark
Managua Tura Murdock
Granada    Nancy Bergman, David Joyce, Carlos Gutierrez



Thanx for the tip. Wife & I moving down to Granada by July 1st.   I was looking at Casa Granada Properties.   But I don't know anything about them.  Thanx again for the heads up.


I am always astonished that many (really: many!) people come down here without ever having visited Nicaragua, and the 1st thing to do is buy a house! Are you crazy?

Before buying anything, please rent 1 year - test out different locations (Leon is a very nice colonial city, but VERY hot in March/April, and the permanent Gigantona drumming and fireworks are not for everybody!). Living at the beach is probably nice - but you will have to drive to town for every little shit (supermarket, bank...) and need a car. The North is cooler, but has more fog and rain and much less expats.

It is up to you and it is your money - but I just met people who sold everything in the US (medium-size company, a house) to move here and now decided - after a few months - that they do not want to live here...

One reason may be that especially US citizens are used to buy and sell houses very quickly. This is not the case here. It may take months or years to resell your premises - especially when other people understand (much quicker thank you did) the inconveniences of your location...

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