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Hi everybody,

Good day to everyone of you...,
i'm Mario from philippines and yet here in saudi arabia, i am waiting to end my contract here and i plan to move in south africa after this contract.
and i  dream to work there and meet my friends,... hope there's someone can guide me here for a better steps of to my plan....

have a great day to you everyone
and Godbless is all"!.....💐

Hi you all, i am Simphiwe Paul Ndlovu the chairman of Galaxy Version Media House Foundation. I am a young leader, a community builder and life speaker. I write and speak about life, from the spirutual point of view to making your success. I encourage self employment and talents as i believe they can be use to build any life. Education is one of the weapon we have to fight poverty.

We can communicate, i am in South Africa. Here is my email ***

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Hi all,

My husband has got a job offer last week to work in South Africa near Pretoria region. It's something he has been looking to do for a long time, he has been in the army and travelled a lot so isn't fazed by it and would go in a heartbeat if it was not for my reservations.  I know nothing about South Africa except the usual scare stories of crime and safety, which is my main and possibly only issue as we don't have young children so don't have the family worries and concerns. The posting would be for 2 years minimum.

I have read quite a bit online since we found out about the job offer, firstly it looks a beautiful place and a great adventure to be had but most if not all are saying the same thing about safety. i understand about taking care and caution but i get the impression that doesn't matter at times.....??  my worry is i won't feel safe in my own home or driving. is this a true picture and reality ??

Any advice, insight into living in South Africa would be much appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Everyone

Im a South African who resided in New Zealand and Australia for the past 15 years. We have since moved back to South Africa( 2014), its been amazing to be back,  however I do find it difficult to meet people and make friends. I find some parts of society still very cliquey. I love meeting different kinds of people. At times I feel like an expat in my own Country.

Rwandan living in Rwanda, wishing to travel to South Africa for business issues and academic issues


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