How To Open Bank Account in Colombia

Hi everyone,

Maybe this has already been asked. I want to open a bank account in colombia. Right now I  know that in order to open a bank account I need a document called a "cedula" or "cedula de extranjero". Maybe there are other documents I need prior to obtaining a cedula.

I current am living in the united states and I have a girlfriend in Medellin. We might get married this December, not sure the exact month and date.

I am a citizen of the U.S.. I'm not a colombian citizen or national. What are some ways that I can open a bank account in Colombia? Can someone explain the process? Do I need other documents besides the cedula? Will the cedula allow me to also live and work in colombia? Or is that another topic altogether?

Viva Colombia

Hi Chris

That's a lot of questions!  :)

First of, let's start with the Cedula de Extranjeria.
It is basically the Colombian Green Card. You can get it with a resident visa (you may request a spouse visa after you get married). With the spouse visa, yes you can live and work in Colombia.

Now the banking part.
First thing you need to know: Colombian banks' nightmare is to be prosecuted for money laundering.
Foreigners are considered as risky because of the overseas operations involved. As a result, don't believe your Colombian banker will welcome you with open arms.

They willl usually request:
- Proof of residency: Cedula de extranjeria, proof of living in Colombia (home renting contract...)
- Proof of income (work certificate, pay slips, pension...)
- Some forms about origins of the funds (as part of the anti money laundering process)

I would advise to open your account in the same local branch as your future wife. You will beneficiate from the fact that they already know herL

Hey Steve thanks so much for the info.

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I'm in the same boat that you are and even considering getting married around Christmas. I suggest that you let your soon to be wife open the account and see if she can put your name on her account. If not then she should apply help you obtain Colombian citizenship it's not suppose to be difficult. Because you will be her husband you will have some rights in Colombia so go for it.

Just curious if you ever gotten married and your cedula?

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