Getting access to PayPal money in Colombia - in cash

Hey, Guys, get ready, this is complicated.

I'm a kiwi from NZ, living in Colombia. I've recently started earning dollars abroad and getting paid into my Paypal account.
I'm finding it impossible to access this money as cash, however, and I'm reduced to buying stuff online to release this money. I hastily opened a Davivienda account which has an agreement with Paypal, but then found out this agreement is only for Davivienda Company accounts, which I believe are not easy to set up.

I've also opened a Payoneer account and have an associated Credit card with US Bank Account, but can't yet transfer from Paypal to Payoneer because I need to verify the card with PayPal, and the Payoneer account needs money in it, which it hasn't yet. I've been trying to get my customers to pay into Payoneer, without success yet.

So, does anyone have experience dealing with PayPal and/or Payoneer here in Colombia?
Any ideas/suggestions?
Has anyone had a similar problem?
I'm sure there's a solution, but as yet it has eluded me.


Perhaps el "profesor" needs a new way to get paid.

If he posts again, perhaps he would share whether his income is single-sourced or multiple-sourced .. and if single-sourced, whether he has discussed obtaining his 'salary' in a manner not involving PayPal.


Multiple-sourced, multiple countries, not yet able to be paid other than PayPal

Using a credit card to pay yourself through Paypal violates Paypal's terms of service.  (Some view it as basically a form of money laundering.)  The way around it is to pay a "friend."  Let me know if you're interested and I'll provide you information to transfer funds to my Paypal account.  :cool:

I use Western union and can send money from my debit or credit card to western union for a fee. I dont know if paypal is on the  online account page or not but check it out if you want.

I logged into the colombia expat community now for the first time in 9 months and was reading the threads on this paypal issue, as I also have paypal (but do not have the problems that the writer of the issue has due to me being able to send my paypal earnings in dollars to my south african bank account which is linked to a mastercard and then I can simply draw the cash in colombia or buy stuff with it).
However, it immediately struck me that this acidic american person, who doesn't even live in Colombia, is still making sarcastic comments ("el professor", etc etc) to the most well meant posts on here. I have had previous comments made about my postings by this person as well and thus started not to use this website any more.

So far from being a cry baby, I would seriously suggest that the Colombia community has a look at the posts of this person and as a community decide to ban this person.  It is just that I feel we don't need to acidic sarcasm that this person has been exposing on here for years, and even if that is not your view, perhaps force this person to stick to Equador as the person does not live in Colombia by own admission and should thus not be allowed to be on the colombia board.

Thank you

Hanno Liebenberg

well put, I agree - acidic is the word. I was going to respond to it, in an aggressive way, but chose to hold my pen, so as not to further encourage it.

Thanks for the support mate. I love Kiwi's (except I obviously cannot support the All Blacks lol). I believe that this website is to help each other out, if possible. In this case I told you how I manage to do it, but it is only because I have an account with First National Bank in South Africa and that is obviously not going to be of any help to you.  The only other option is to kinda do what you are already doing, like to buy stuff using paypal, but most of this would be like buying airline tickets on the internet, amazon purchases that can be shipped to Colombia.  O and Uber Colombia used to take paypal too, not sure if this is still the case.  But besides for that, I also looked into this some time ago and I also only saw the Davievienda option and now, as you say, its only for business account holders, which I did not know.

I have the same issue. Have you found a way around?

Have you looked into using Xoom?  I believe you can link your Paypal account to Xoom and setup a local cash pickup at Davivienda.

On the Xoom site there is no Paypal payment method visible.  However, I believe it can be added once you login and link your Paypal account.

Also, for sending from Paypal to Payoneer, I think you might need a US Paypal account.  I haven't tried myself, but a lot of online posts say that non-US Paypal accounts will no longer work.

Use instead.  It ties directly to a bank account, no matter where.

However, you bank needs to have online banking...

Client needs to install it also.  They pay you over the app.  You see they deposited in the app.  You then deposit it directly into your account.

It's a paypal app, so they may be able to transfer funds from paypal....

PayPal allows you to send money directly to a bank account using the associated card as long as the card is link to your PayPal account.

Hi there! I'm sorry to tell you that any Colombian bank allows to transfer from pay pal to your bank account, only three of them have the PayPal option but only to put cash in your PayPal account from your Colombian bank so you can use it to buy online. Why this? Because about every Colombian bank gives you a debit card without the verification code(the 3 our 4 digits in the back) so you can't make any online purchase. And the few banks that allows you to buy directly online like Banco de Bogota they have ridiculous restrictions about the online purchases  :unsure . Anyway as somebody else suggest you, the best way for now is transfer to somebody who has already linked another account and can withdraw directly in the ATM.
I know somebody who says that you can use XOOOM to send to Colombia and it works great.

Thanks. I have done this before and was wonderin why nobody ever brought it up. Just link debit card to Paypal and any atm will work as long as you tell bank you are out of country.

Hi there, its not that easy your problem, don't you have any debit or credit card to associate to paypal first? and verify everything, maybe the debit card from Davivienda?, then after that you can send a Paypal payment to Payoneer account.

I receive payments on PayPal, transfer it to Wellsfargo, then transfer it using into my Bancolombia account.

Aren't you loosing a lot of money in that way? Because xoom charges you and then Bancolombia charges you

well, yes. What doesn't charge you?  Are you looking for a free way? if you find it, let me know what it is....

If you withdraw from Paypal to Payoneer you lose 1%, then withdraw in a Colombian ATM, Payoneer charges you 3,5% for currency exchange + 3,5 USD for withdraw from ATM.

Isn't that cheaper that all those transfers + all the time waiting for transfers?

I own a business in Colombia and I also need to turn yank dollars deposited in my PayPal account to Colombian Pesos. As it turns out, the answer to our enquiry will not be found in the commercial banking sector which has become geared more towards thwarting money laundering activities as opposed to assisting honest business people with what should be a simple money transfer. I would start another business to address this clear and present need but then the yanks and colombians would probably team up to shut that down too.  My suggestion would be to put out some feelers for somebody in a similar predicament and ask them to change either yank dollars to pesos or vice versa.  I arranged a private transaction between like minded non-Colombian business people here and it went super smoothly.  We now work together on occasion when required.  The rate of exchange is a flat five percent.  If you're interested, let me know.  Take care.

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