Anyone in Medan?

Hey everyone!

I just got to Medan and I just wanted to check if there are other expats living here because so far it's been difficult :(. Would love to meet some people just to chat and chill..

Have a good evening :)

Oh yeah, btw, just in case anyone has the same interests:
I love music, play a little bit guitar am a singer-songwriter <---- that's me
I enjoy any sort of live music really.

I also love Harry Potter, and live near Lippo Plaza in Medan.

So that's it for now :)

Gday all

I have recently moved to medan and I'm interested in meeting other expats.

I moved here is set up a business and company a month ago. Obviously I can speak English 'm learning indonesian. I love surfing so when my business is up and running I hope to do may trips to the mentawii islands. In medan I've played golf I go to the gym.

I'm interesting in meeting anyone interesting in meeting me, ha. So far I have not been out much or met many people however I would like to change that. So if you interesting in meeting for a beer, coffee or a chat so am I.



I have also recently moved to medan and joined this blog.

I'm not much of a happy potter fan or musically tainted but I do enjoy listening to music. If you're interesting to meet up some time for a drink and a chat then so am I. where are you from, what are you doing in medan.


It is the great thing about People can meet friends in remote places and perhaps meet a future partner or soulmate. But also just meet new friends to hang out with for drinks or golf.

Hi Jimmy and mariam, I'm not an expat but I do live in Medan. If you guys need some chit chat, feel free to contact me. My PM got blocked because I say hello to too many contact. wkwkwk :D.

Hello im from medan anything i can help?

dear @cupp13s, this thread is posted more than one year ago. hahaha. how do you do?

Ah sorry..i dont mentioned the date...ahaha... Cis i just online here... Im fine thank u..and hope u too

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