Overstay Fines 2015

Thank you...after 2 years I will finally be moving to DOMREP...yeaaaa!!

Good for you!  Where you moving to?

Congrats on the move. Where to?  Keep the questions coming.  Are you planning on getting your residency?

Bob K

Thank you. I plan on moving to Santiago.

May I ask why Santiago?

Bob K

First of all I liked it there plus I have friends.

Good enough. Having friends in the area certainly will help you get started.

Bob K

It always helps to have friends, AND,  make sure to get second opinions and validate what you are told.  Not all friends are created equal here.

Thanks Bob and Planner...your Intel has helped me tremendously. I am super excited to finally move there.

If you have other questions don't hesitate to ask them!

Hey Bob,

You seem like a wealth of knowledge so I have a fee questions for you on the the subject of deliberately overstaying a tourist card.

1. Do they not ask for proof of a flight out?
2. Do they mark in your passport on the way out that you overstayed?
3. After overstaying could you immediately return a week later or is there a period of time they stop you from re-entering?


Thanks and here are my responses: 

1. The flight you came in on is responsible for proving you have a flight out of the country. However they are not required to check the date.

2. They stamp your passport I believe.  Anything else  - I am not sure.

3.  No you can stay out one day and come back in. 

My expectation is that they will start tracking this and will at some point make a big deal about it. That is not now. So for  this works!   I've heard of no one being asked about coming and going on a regular basis without  residencia, overstaying a tourist visa and just paying the fees.

Planner has answered most of your questions.

They do stamp your passport on entering and leaving but just a regular stamp.  Nothing to indicate that you overstayed.

As Planner said right now it seems to work in just paying your overstay fees when you leave.   If you are living here eventually they will require that you- get your residency, but not currently.

Bob K

Thanks for the info, Bob, and Planner too.

In your opinion, after what period of time would it be worth it just to obtain residency instead of overstaying a tourist card?

I'm guessing it will hinder me from driving? Is that true? Is there anything else it will prevent me from doing?

Thanks again.

Getting a job is next to impossible without a cedula.  Some companies won't contract for services without a cedula. 

Period of time -  your call.  I know people who have done it for  20 years but times they are a changing....

Yes it will get harder to "live" here with out your residency in the future, but when is anyone's guess.

Bob K

Planner, you are quite right with Bob Dylan's quote,
"the times they are are a'changin"!
Let's hope for the better!

Ohhhhh yesssssss.

When I was here in Ocrober of 2015 I swear it was bumped to 60 days. Because I didn't pay taxes on leaving. However, I'm told now it was switched back? Is that accurate? They must have realized how much money they were losing lol

Yes it currently is back to 30 days. 
Tomorrow ....who knows what it will be, but I do think they saw a lot of money being left on the table with the 60 day visa

Bob K

Bingo. I fully took advantage when it was

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