Overstay Fines 2015

There is always confusion about the overstay fines or fees. 

If you are visiting the Dominican Republic and you over stay here  are the Penalties or Fees.  You will pay them when you are leaving the Dominican Republic. IF you overstay 1 day, then the fee is calculated from the DAY YOU LAND not the day you overstay.

"Here's the new grid, effective as of November 1st, 2014, which can be found here: http://www.migracion.gob.do/web/tarifas10-14.pdf. I included the former rates in brackets to help you compare. "(copied previous post from mpdesjardins with thanks)

1 day to 3 months: 2,500 RD$ (was 800 RD$)
3 to 9 months: 4,000 RD$ (was 1,000 RD$)
9 to 12 months: 5,000 RD$ (was 2,500 RD$)
12 to 18 months: 6,500 RD$ (was 4,000 RD$)
18 to 24 months: 8,000 RD$ (was 5,000 RD$)
24 to 30 months: 9,500 RD$ (was 6,500 RD$)
30 to 36 months: 11,000 RD$ (was 9,000 RD$)
36 to 48 months: 16,000 RD$ (was 14,000 RD$)
48 to 60 months: 20,000 RD$ (new category, was 14,000 RD$)
60 months to 6 years: 30,000 RD$ (new category, was 17,000 RD$)
6 to 7 years: 40,000 RD$ (new category, was 17,000 RD$)
7 to 8 years: 50,000 RD$ (new category, was 17,000 RD$)
8 to 9 years: 60,000 RD$ (new category, was 17,000 RD$)
9 to 10 years: 70,000 RD$ (new category, was 17,000 RD$)

These are CURRENT until  we close this thread! 

Yes the fees have gone up.  To some they are expensive. Oh well, if you can afford to visit and overstay you can afford the "fee".   

The government is cracking down on overstaying,  what they will do about it and when they will do something is anyone's guess!

Thanks for reposting the fee schedule.  And yes people need to realize the fee is calculated to the day you land here if you are over the 30 tourist visa, and not from day 31 after your tourist visa/card expires.

Bob K.

That is the MOST common mistake made.   Lets hope this thread clears things up.

In regards to cracking down on overstaying. I just arrived here in RD a few days ago and was aiming to stay for a while since the overstay fees are pretty lax and they don't give u a mark in the passport for overstaying (?).

Now I hear all this about deportation of foreigners. I'm guessing it is mostly haitians, but has anyone received information about expats being deported in general? Or how long you can overstay before you become subject for deportation?

There has been little news if any about  expats other then Haitians being deported.   Keep out of trouble and you will be fine.

I really wonder if these geniuses analyzed the numbers properly when they came up with this schedule of fees.  Three months is 4k and one year is 5k. That is front loading the fees. Meaning, they want 4k up front rather than waiting one year for an extra 1k to make 5k. Typical Dominican thinking which makes sense. They want it NOW, not later.

So one year is 5k and at 30 months (9500 pesos) you get a discount of 500 pesos AND 6 months free. I'm liking it.

At three years you are at 11k.  No more 5k per year. Now it's almost a 3/!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ discount.  This is the best bang for your buck.

Then it's 5k and 4k for year four and five. Price has gone up a little. Why? Good luck with that question :) My guess, he pulled it out of his rabbits hat.

Then after five years I'm sure these bureaucrats had no clue what to do, so they just made it 10k a year thereafter which is more costly than a yearly visa to Russia and easier on their heads to come up with a nice round number.  They might even be thinking if someone is staying here that long they might be running from something so let them pay more. Of course, the person has to actually leave to pay it. So that line of thinking may not be accurate.

The way I see it, if someone stays for a duration of, lets say, less than three years at a time, it's the best bang for the buck. Comes out to around 3,666 pesos per year for three years straight. It's easier than spending time on docs, fees, paperwork, birth certificate, tax returns, etc, etc, etc, to get a residency. And it might even be cheaper too if you add in attorney fees.

First welcome to the forum.

How long do you plan on staying?  So far mainly Haitians that are effected but they have done a few from other countries as well who were having legal problems here.

So if you keep your nose clean you should be just fine.

Bob K

Thank you for welcoming me and also thank you all for your responses.

This seems promising, since I'm not into any funny business. :) No legal problems neither here nor in other places, I'm all clean.

My plan was to come here and stay for a few months, up to a year, in order to get a feel for how things are, and if everything seems alright then settle down.

Sounds like a good plan

Bob k

Sure does sound good!!!

Ok for Clarity because I am new to all this. ON a tourist Visa the Card I buy for ten US dollars when I arrive.

I come into the county on June 1 and stay until Aug 31 (Less then 3 months - 92 days ) with two people,  when I leave I pay a fee of 2500 RD per person - 5000.  At Immigration in the Airport?

If I stay until Sept 1 Just (3 - 9 Month Fee - 93 Days) I will have to pay 4000 RD per person? 

Are they looking at calendar months or 30 day Months?

I read somewhere you have to go to the Embassy in DR after the first 30 Days? to let them know something? Or did I miss understand something?

A tourist visa is 30 days.  BUT the overstay fine kicks in at day 91.  But they  measure the fines from day 1 as soon as you hit day 91.  Based on how it is written it is calendar months. 

So  in your case  day 92 is more then  90 days. So from day 1 you measure the duration by the calendar. So arrival  June 1 - to  August 31  is  3 months.  Your fee is 2,500RD per person.  1 day over jumps you to the next  fee schedule, Sept  1 = 4,000 RD per person.

Yup nothing simple about this.

Well that helps plan better thanks!

You are very welcome

Nice explanation for the overstay planner. Lots of people have problem understanding how this works. I guess after you post it will be clear :)

Thanks honey,  we so need to open a bottle of wine ....

Definitely !

This weekend!!!!! You in town?  I will come there.

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Hmmmm tough choice Bob.

We shall see ;)

I flew out a week ago. At the immigration they asked me how long I stayed. Like an idiot, I told the truth. 9 months. They said it would be $5k. I paid the cash to the guy standing next to me and he left. No receipt, no paper. Just took it and left :) Not even a thank you :) What a scam operation. They split the money at the end of the day. Doesn't even go to the gov for anything.

I should of said 2 weeks. They might of even believed it. They didn't have time to check how long I was actually there on the computer. Next time I'm saying 2 weeks to see if they catch it. At least make them work for it.

Yes unfortunately  it is not well managed (HUGE understatement)  it is supposed to be based on the computer system and the stamps in your passport! 

This is one time it doesn't hurt to tell those white lies.....

Think of it as an early Christmas present :D

Bob K

stayed over 8 years, had DR doctors letter... medical emergency, will return..... paid 0. nada, zip, nothing! Agent wished me a speedy return.  I did leave for medical reasons, but wasn't an emergency.   Doubt that I could be so lucky twice.

Yup you got lucky honey.  HOpe your luck holds...... ;)

As I have always said.
Better lucky than good :D

Bob K

Just posted on the immigration site yesterday. It now seems the tourist visa (tourist card) is now good for 60 days and not just 30.  The overstay fees now start with 61 days:


Added to immigration site today.......fees


CP-PP-01-01 61 DÍAS A 90 DÍAS 2,500.00

Bob K

Actually here is the schedule in it's entirety

CP-PP-01-01 61 DÍAS A 90 DÍAS 2,500.00
CP-PP-01-02 3 A 9 MESES 4,000.00
CP-PP-01-03 9 A 12 MESES 5,000.00
CP-PP-01-04 12 A 18 MESES 6,500.00
CP-PP-01-05 18 A 24 MESES 8,000.00
CP-PP-01-06 24 A 30 MESES 9,500.00
CP-PP-01-07 30 A 36 MESES 11,000.00
CP-PP-01-08 36 A 48 MESES 16,000.00
CP-PP-01-09 48 A 60 MESES 20,000.00
CP-PP-01-10 6 AÑOS 30,000.00
CP-PP-01-11 7 AÑOS 40,000.00
CP-PP-01-12 8 AÑOS 50,000.00
CP-PP-01-13 9 AÑOS 60,000.00
CP-PP-01-14 10 AÑOS 70,000.00
ARTÍCULO 6.- Se establecen las siguientes tarifas para servicios relativos al control migratorio de extranjeros en territorio dominicano:

Note 61 days to 90 days

Bob K

Wow they  changed it again.  Actually they added a category, the very first one.  And it looks like they increased a bunch of other fees for other things..... they are getting greedy again.............

Thanks for keeping us current Bob!

Very good info Bob !!

As we say in Tennessee:
"all you all are welcome"

Bob k

Hi everyone,

Thank you again for all the valid informations you post.

I was checking on the RD embassy website what kind of residency I need and it give's me 4 options:

but none of them really applies to me and my husband...
We are gathering money to be there for at least 2 years and some money to invest but only once we live there 'cause we'll have a better notion of what could or could not work.

As I understand the RESIDENCY TO INVEST should apply but then they ask for a LETTER THAT CERTIFIES A JOB FOR A COMPANY (Carta de certificación de empleo de la empresa receptora)???...
Do you know what letter is that?

In our case, what kind of residency visa should we apply to?
And is it absolutely necessary to go through a company?

As for the residency or tourist visa, we are still checking the 2 options but I wanted to know if in our situation if we could or could not apply for residency and how...

Ok the letter you mention is a work sponsorship letter, that doesn't apply to you.

YOu want to apply for regular residencia which is the family reunion one.  It really is the most often used and will require  a letter of sponsorship, often supplied by the lawyer involved.

I hope that helps.

Planner is right your lawyer should provide you the papers and letters you will need.

Bob k

Thank you Bob and Planner,

However if I'm still in Switzerland, do I also need a lawyer here to start the process or may I start the process here with the RD embassy and than finish the process with a lawyer there at RD?

Start the process at the Embassy and then work with a lawyer here.

Depending on where you are going to settle we can recommend responsible lawyers here for you, just let us know

Bob K

Thank you Bob,

We'll settle at Las Galeras - Samana.
Do you know anyone thrustworthy there?

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