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I moved to Hamburg 2 months ago from the U.S. and got my CELTA certificate. I got a job, but now I need to get my residency permit and freelance visa. Unfortunately, I don't yet have health insurance. Yes, I now know it's mandatory by law, and I now know I should have taken care of this issue upon arrival. However, now I'm in this situation and I'd like some advice. It looks like I have to get private insurance, but I've also been reading that many companies will not accept non-EU citizens. I've further read that I may be required to pay for insurance retroactively for the time that I've been here without paying. And lastly, I've read that there's a bit of a catch-22 in the system in that in order to get insurance, one must show her working visa, and yet in order to get a working visa, one must show proof of insurance. Does anyone have advice for me? Where to look for insurance in Hamburg and what companies will be willing to cover me? I'm a 27 year old female, single, non-smoking. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Is this still an issue for you? I can help you with your questions and let you have information in English about the laws and solutions. I work on a daily basis with expats with exactly your dilemma. I know what a pain it is!

The other problem is misinformation. 99% of expat health insurances are NO LONGER valid under German law for visa purposes so online signing up is sadly a waste of time and effort.

Sorry I´ve only just seen your post!

Your best approach would be to book your insurance package online.
Basically they don't have any restrictions, I think at your age you will get a package deal for around 70 dollars a month.
As for German bureaucracy, if they ask why the recent date simply tell them you changed your insurance company, though I doubt very much they will even ask you.
They just want to see the paperwork is in order.

Richard, apart from being late (this thread is from 2010!), your post is also wrong:
It is mandatory for anyone living in Germany to have regular German health insurance - and this is checked when applying for the residence permit. Just any online insurance will not do!
Depending on your personal circumstances and income, the monthly fee varies, but in most cases ist above the EUR70 you mention. For freelancers, it is between EUR350 and 750 per month.

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