Looking to buy a dog in Bahrain

Hi all,

I am moving to Bahrain soon and wanted to know if purchasing pets was easily achievable without having to import them? I was thinking of buying a dog while in Bahrain (I don't know what breed yet) and want to know if it is easily done?

Not urgent but would like to know as there does not seem to be any answers on here regarding this.

Thanks  :)

A lot of dogs being sold are coming out of puppy mills and are sold for ridiculously stupid amounts of money.

Personally I would go to the BSPCA shelter in Askar and adopt a dog, they have a  FB page you can join, they have some lovely dogs that have been spayed or neutered and vaccinated up for adoption.

If you choose to buy please make sure that you by carefully and check out who you are buying from and if they are just selling as a once off or they just breed and sell. Lots of people seem to be "selling for a friend" !!!! keep away from these sorts, they don't like to answer questions and they seem to have an awful lot of friends who need to sell puppies !!!!!!!

yep... don't fund the abusers... help those escaping from abuse. Pick a dog from the BSPCA shelter. There are tons.

Yes I have had a dog all my life and know such places exist (from experiencing it unfortunately) and I will not entertain these people and it is normally obvious if they are involved in a puppy farm or not. I will have a look at the BSCA shelter and see what kind of dogs they have. Is this the only place you would advise me to look? or are there multiple shelters in Bahrain?

Thats the main one. There is Tony the Dogfather who keeps a lot of dogs, maybe he adopts out too

Ok will look at that as well and see what is happening there regarding adoption. Shukran!  :)

Yes I agree with suburbansam. Dont buy but adopt.

People steal dogs in Bahrain to bread them or sell them. Buying animals here only encourages them to do more stealing. Adopt from BSPCA or Tony the Dogfather or get a dog off the street. The strays are very grateful of being taken in, make great pets, are easy to please and love to please you. There are over 10,000 stray dogs on the streets of Bahrain.

Thanks for the advice. I am not going to buy a dog. I shall adopt one from somewhere and save it. I wouldn't want to approach a stray dog as I do not know how it will react to me.
Slightly different question but Is it law for your dog to wear a collar and be micro chipped in Bahrain?


according to a friend its not by law, but if your taking your dog out for a walk it needs to be collared. Chip is also not mandatory but if you have given it a rabies vaccine then it is.

Someone can correct me if i am wrong.


are you still considering owning a dog in Bahrain? we have plenty of dogs for adoption (free adoption)

Never buy from a pet shop, you can adopt, plenty of animals are up for adoption in Bahrain, just search facebook.

Good luck

You don't need to purchase,
there are hundreds of them for adoption, contact me if you need help in finding one

Hi Farqed, Dear you can buy dog from here XXX


They're available for for free and everywhere, why would I buy one,

especially with the rising issue of stray dogs and cats in Bahrain

Just type dogs for adoption in bahrain or bahrain strays and you'll find more than enough

zeeshanakhter2009 :

Hi Farqed, Dear you can buy dog from hereXXX

yeah, don't advertise for sites that treat animals like inanimate objects


Yes, I have a few people I know taking care of dogs/cats until they can find permeant homes. Wouldn't want to buy one now..... Will adopt when I have the time.

Hi Dear, you can find ***
Easily on saleinbahrain you can find birds, cats, dogs etc.... I hope that link will help you alot.

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zeeshanakhter2009 consider yourself reported AGAIN.

Please DO NOT advertise places that sell animals, particularly when no one has requested it. By doing so, you are promoting places that often mistreat and abuse animals they sell.

Please promote places that allow you to ADOPT animals that are unwanted.

The cat has spoken ;-)

I adopted a dog from the BSPCA here. They do charge a fee but the dog was vet checked, vaccinated, spayed and I got vouchers including free grooming, training session etc worth much more than the fee! They have many dogs not just strays. Often pedigree dogs are abandoned because their owners have to leave the island. I used to go and walk them on Fridays until I met the right one.

I have a French bulldog male chocolate to sale. 25 days. The father is with me but I can't have another one as busy with work.  I'm resident in Bahrain. Cheers. Eugenio

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