What is hair spa and where can i find hair spa salon in Bangalore??

I would like to know what exactly is hair spa? Is there any specific age group that can go in for hair spa? How often can one do a spa? Also how much does one sitting of spa normally cost? I am really curious to know what this concept is all about and would be happy if you could help me!

Hair spa is more a less a one stop spot for all your hair treatments..there are quite a few ahir spas in bangalore..depends on ur budget as well..try YLG in HSR layout..i guess YLG has branches else where in bangalore..but not sure on that bit..the prices r also pretty competitve (again depends on what ur looking for)

You are right, hair spa is really a big trend now! It is one of the best treatments for hair…Hair Spa is basically an advanced method of deep conditioning. Earlier, there used to be mainly scalp massages with oil which later advanced to special aroma oil massages. This later moved a step ahead with deep conditioning treatments for the hair. A spa rises above all these treatments and proves to be the one of the most effective and intense treatment for any and every hair problem. My only suggestion to you is don’t consider spa just as a is not necessary that you have to do spa only if there is some problem with the hair. It should be a part of your regular care routine. If you have good, healthy hair then do it just to aintain the health because these days just the environmental pollution is enough to damage the hair. Like you go in for a face cleanup or facial or manicure pedicure etc. do a hair spa also once in 2 weeks and see how well your hair will respond to the treatment.

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What is hair spa and where can i find hair spa salon in dehradun.can deep hair spa solve my dry hair problem if yes than how many sittings i have to take?

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