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Hello every body ,

Iam very happy to join this interesting web site, where  people shares their own experience with the others i really appreciate  it alot i do thank .

My name is aya and i live in Morocco, i will marry an indien , i already saw many Moroccan girls who are living in Mumbai ,bangalore... from this side i wonder about life in India compare to morocco ? is it easy for foreigners to adjust in India?

i would like to read all of your answer  in responde to my message not just the moroccan  due to the indiens also a use to deal alot with foreigners ?

i will be very happy to read your messages soon

Thanks you

Hello Aya,

Please post any specific questions that you have on life in India.

Would be glad to help you out. I have many Moroccan friends and business contacts in Marrakech, Rabat and Casablanca.
I know a good deal about Moroccan culture and can help you with your queries on Indian culture.
What brings you to India in particular and how long do you plan to live here?

Hi Nash

its very nice to  read your message , im planning to move to india for marriage purpose if god willing. its good to hear that you have friends who live in casablanca, Marakech, rabat ,
Thoes are my questions:
-Do you think that t will be easy for me who had a french profile to get a job there such french as teacher without forgetting  that i use to wear the scarf ?
-Is it safe for foreigners who use to tay in india, specialy  white skin girls to go out side alone ??
-Do you think it will be easy for mee to practice my normal life without problems ?coz i already read some news the logical indian that they use that hindou use to kill muslim people who use to eat beef ?

Thank you very much for your responde

Hello Aya,

- It would be easy for you to find a job such as a French teacher here in the metros. No one will question your use of the scarf. However if you have to take up work legally in India as a foreigner, you need to either have a work permit from a recognized company or an OCI.
- It is very safe for women of any nationality to move freely in South India. Most of the bad events in India reported in world media happened in Northern India. Moroccans are not white. :-) They are of Arabic origin. You don't look white too. Why do you worry about that part? Arabs blend in easily with Indians as both look alike.
- You can practise your normal life and religion without any issues as long as you don't harm or cause trouble to anyone.
Just like Morocco is an Islamic country but foreigners from other religions are treated with respect when they respect Morrocans, you will see the same with Indians. You will get friendship and respect from Indians if you respect them.

My family is Franco-Indian. I lived, worked and studied both in France and India. Never had any issue in both places though I am a Christian.

If you have a one house good business good job and good money India is the best


thank you very much for your message, i really appreciate that.

According to what you mentioned about white people,
i wanna just show that the north region of Morocco all of them are white.

thank you again,


My Arab friends and Moroccan friends come in all colours.
The white colour that you mentioned refers to white Caucasians. I don't think that Moroccans are Caucasians in general.
The Moroccans that I have met and spoken to speak mostly Arab at home and French at office.
From my experience, Arabs are treated well in India. Many Palestinians took refuge in India due to the Arab-Israeli conflict. They built their careers and families here.

Laurita, I don't think you need to worry about anything related freedom on your religious belief, your dresses or your daily routine. India is very diversified country. There are around 250 Million muslims in india, almost 1/4 of total population and all are happily living. Nobody is killing nobody..... dont worry... We have people of all colors, white, black, dark..... don't worry. Come and enjoy here.... You will be part of 100 crore people family easily...
I am a hindu and I have lot of Muslim friends.

Hi  Ahay Gosain,
Thank you for your answer , Good to  hear about the number of muslim who doesn't have any problems about practicing their faith , coz i use to read some  foreign news  that shows the opposite , but you must be aware about things their due to you live their,

i realy appreciate


Don't trust much on news. They show what people wanr to see. Only hatred!!! But here is unity.

Am welcoming you this site,
it very late reply,
You can find the meaning of life in India, where lot people had research about humans and animal, plants life.

Yours lovingly,
Deva :heart:

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