How to get a Divorce from an Albanian man? (Im English)

Yes I realise now. But I did think that he loved me as well. Silly me !!

of course he love you because you marry him,and he know he will get visa,? by you,.how that love can be short,period of time,.if couple living in harmony,and love,why divorce,.? people married because of love,trust,respect,.why divorce,.all have plan before married,.

He was bored of waiting for the visa. I had already waited for him for 7 months alone in the UK and was happy to wait.
He suddenly changed and said I should find another man. He find another woman and that we should divorce and just be friends.
He was stupid. He should have waited a few more months and could have got the visa. Over the past week he has been cold and horrible.
I don't think he thought I would end everything with the visa. But I have. I am not fighting for a man who does not love me.

in other countries you wait more,.but its not boring if you know what you want,how is fell bored waiting for visa ? he is not in real relationship,sure,.he is in relation to get visa,fast and move own in different direction,.we call this fix marriage,.i am sure he is bored because he have real girl,in his life,or he is bean already married,.and think how to escape longer relationship with you,.because he marry you for getting visa,after he think get real woman he promise in,.he want fast visa by doesn't work,he left you because his former woman ask him to back home,.i met many man around marrying woman just to get visa and go in their own life,.all the best,.i have met many woman Asian asking me to marry them just to get visa,i refuse this offer,.because you have obligation to the law,.after all,.

Did you manage to sort out your divorce? I need some advice.
I married my albanian partner in may 2016 for his visa and love on my behalf. We married  in albania ! We then had to be apart for 7 months. Then he decided we should meet other people !
So I cancelled the visa application as it had become obvious he we was just with me for the visa. At least he didn't get into the UK.
I need a bit of help so if you could give me advice I would really grateful.

Albanian man did not marry any woman because of love he just marry to get visa and enter country,.that s the only why,he want to marry foreigner woman,.? foreigner woman believe he love/like her ?

I would advise any girl NEVER to marry an Alb guy unless he already has a visa!

correct- he use you to get visa,and after he will left you,.mostly.he take advantage,of you,.cleaver people.he will offer you gold and diamond in life to marry him,? but he is maybe already married,
be careful ,.before you decide to make mistake in your life,.

Hi just a quick question I was with a Albania guy ten years ago got used and so called marraied over there .same story only change my doctors in his name An it seen him in ten years how can i change it as I use my birth name no devoice papers will my passport be ok ?

Do you want a divorce?
If not then don't worry.
I'm married but although I took his name on the marriage cert I haven't changed my name anywhere in the UK.

Hi no just want to change my name back at the doctors as I am on the sick they put it in my marraied name and I am working in my single name as all my taxes are in my single name . Will they change it for me with a u trouble or asking for devoice papers seems a lot of problems when I was used .

Thank you for your help x

Usual story! That's why they have such bad reputation. I know not all the same but it's a common thing. I doubt the doctors will need to see a divorce certificate. And if he's married there or Kosovo it may not be a legal marriage as such. Often they just get engaged Snd it's not a legal arrangement. So u could well still be married to him. Sad but true!

Yes think you are correct he now has 3 kids all over the place with polish girls .his lost i am doing very well xx thank u and this site is spot in we could Wright a book on them  Lol xxx

I do know one girl here who married her alb guy and he is now in uk with her. I believe from what I hear theirs is s genuine marriage and he does love her. Maybe she found the decent one. I know of 2 other girls who also married over there. One has brought him here, the other was refused and is going through appeal process same as me. Even after I married my hubby his family were trying to get him to get engaged to another much younger alb girl. They have no regard for me whatsoever. I'm older than him, I have a child etc. Not worthy apparently yet their blue eyed boy isn't what they think he is either! They're all so 2 faced. Some of his family met with me and some still visit us (he's here illegally again) but I know while they smile to my face they really don't like the situation. I believe my hubby does love me but his loyalty is with his family and probably always will be. I've been the most loyal person in his life and I know I've never done him wrong but it's such hard work. Difference of culture being the main problem. However for now I am persevering and trying to make the best of everything. I'm not a weak girl and he finds this difficult. But I'm not going to change my ways to be a fool for him. He hurt me very much in the past. I'm not sure what the future holds but I know one thing for sure ... I would never get involved with an alb guy again. And should our marriage end because he's just used me he will wish he'd never met me! Karma is a bitch!

Hi all i just read this topic by mistake i just wanted to comment few words about albanians and english girls or whoever there are many type of peoples some good some bad could be anyone. Not just albanians or brits ok let me make this clear some people do lie because they have.  No choice some don't mind at all do not judge the bool by its cover is not only albanians who do this ok and you all know this very very well i read some comments sayin that they didn't he loved me or not im sure u liked the money to so my point is very clear don't blame only albanians blame ur selfs aswell my wife is english we been married fo 16 years never had any problems at all we hear many stories wich makes us sick when we hear this im albanian aswell I don't like it when my people do bad thinhs but this is part of the life even english people are not good aswell
So what can i say can i blame all country no i cant so don't blame whole albania for this things man it makes me sick reading this comments

Hello all, let's please stick to the topic of discussion "How to get a Divorce from an Albanian man? (Im English)"

Please avoid making generalizations about nationalities, as it is unfair and usually causes offense.  If you have actual advice about divorce involving Albanian/UK couples, please share.

Thank you kindly
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It's common knowledge... It's nothing new. Congrats to u albuk, whilst I agree it could be any race it's popular amongst Albanian men. This is regarding Albanian marriage. And the fact that a few have similar stories just strengthens the opinion of many. I know a couple of good alb guys. Like I say one is married now and has been for a long time with a uk girl. But even alb men know this is common, that's why many get offended as if tars all alb with same brush n obviously that's not fair . However I bet if u were to draw statistics alb prob has one of the highest rates of these cases.

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