Teaching Vietnamese in Ha Noi

Hi everyone

I am Khanh, living in Ha Dong Dict, Ha Noi City. I want to make friend with foreigners who live in Ha Noi, and want to teach Vietnamese . My english is not very good but i can communicate with you by english. therefore i believe i can teach vietnamese.

If you want to learn Vietnamese, we will meet each orther on the everning because i have to work in the daytime.

My contact: xxx

Halo ,

I realy love it to hear this, i've plan in last june visit to vietnam
I hope we can meet and i can learn Vietnamese.

Ok, Let me know when you come to Ha Noi.

Hi Mikael,

Can you teach me but I am not in Hanoi, I just got back to my country last December  2014. I am from Philippines.

Oh, how can i teach you when you dont live in ha noi. Its so difficult.

syahrul: When you come to Viet Nam, please send an email to my email.

Hi, I'm Trang. I'm living in Hanoi. If you foreigners are living in Hanoi and want to learn Vietnamese, you can contact me. Btw I also want to improve my English so it would be great if we can help each other. I 'd like to make friends with you all. Hope that you will enjoy your stay in Vietnam ^^.
My skype : trangnguyen236

when do you will go to Ha Noi ?

I have to work all day but I am free at night and weekend. If someone wants to talk, dont hesitate to contact me. Especially, I have studied in EU and received lots of help from international friends so if you are new in Hanoi and need help, just call me!
I am now living in Ha Dong district, Ha Noi!

Hi Mikael, Hope you are doing well.

Do you have any hard time on language exchange? I am really interested in it and want to learn from your experience.

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