good international school in Hanoi


Any tips on good international school in Hanoi for a second grader?

Thank you!

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You will the contacts of some international schools in the business directory here : International schools in Hanoi.

I recommend you contact them and even pay them a visit.

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Thanks Bhavna for you kind reply..May I have your email so that I can ask you a few questions on Hanoi?  Best wishes,

Hi kbhattarai,

i am not in Hanoi, i am a member of moderation Team here to guide you through the forum.

If you have any questions on Hanoi other than those related to school and studies, you may create a new thread on the Hanoi forum, i am sure members will provide you with some useful inputs.

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BIS is the best international school here

I don't have children so am not able to answer you question directly plus, it might depend on your nationality - their are French schools, Korean schools, Japanese schools etc
BIS and UNIS seem to be the most respected schools and Hanoi Amsterdam is the most respected Vietnamese school.
As always, only consider recommendations from people who actually have children attending schools that make it to your shortlist and be sure to visit them and maybe even ask to sit in on the odd class.

Thank you

Thannks a lot for your advice, appreciated!

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