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Brazilian Nationality

Also, after a general search, I came across the below from the news section of

Ministry of Justice simplifies the Naturalization and Correction of Federal Settlements processes

The Department of Foreigners, a body of the Ministry of Justice responsible
for issuing rules for foreigners in Brazil, issued on February 06th the Ordinance
No. 05/2015, which brought changes in the documents to be presented for
processing Naturalization and Correction of Federal Settlements processes.
There was a significant simplification in the list of documents required for the
Correction of Federal Settlements process. It is no longer required to submit
“certidões  de  cartórios  de  protestos”,  “certidões  negativas  da  Fazenda”,
“certidões de distribuição federais”, “executivos fiscais estaduais e municipais”
and  “certidões  de  distribuição  estaduais”  (public  certificates  that  show
whether a person was civilly suited, or if any debt was not paid). It is enough
now to present only the criminal records issued by the Brazilian Civil Police
(of the last 5 years) and a certificate to show whether any criminal suit is
pending  for  the  foreigner  in  Brazil,  together  with  the  regular  documents
required for identification and collection of fees.

As for the Naturalization process, the list of documents and procedures was
also greatly simplified. From now on, foreigners will no longer go through the
Portuguese language test and is no longer required to present the receipt of
income tax, civil suits clearances and debt clearances (“certidão SPC”). In
addition to identification documents and payment of fees, it is now enough to
submit the criminal records issued by the Brazilian Civil Police (of the last 5
years), the certificates to show whether any criminal suit is pending for the
foreigner in Brazil and the criminal records issued by the country of origin,
duly legalized by the Brazilian consulate. Income may be proved by the work
contract, by-laws or “ISS” card (city taxpayer’s ID).

This new rule is in effect since its publication in February 06th.

Anyone know more detail about this?

A Portuguese Language Test conducted by FP would be passed or Celpe-Bras certificate should be presented.

Is this for more Language test?

Is the Federal Police test the same level as a Ceple Bras .....those certificates are difficult, my wife only recently got her English one and she has been speaking English for over 10 years, with 7 years of living and working in English Countries and teaching English and she still found it difficult.....she got a B

I asked from 2 friends who were participated in that type of test conducted by FP. They said: it was very easy test. It is not like Celpe-Bras..... you know people who have actually done this process?

I'm still hoping someone who has done the process or at least started (post February), can comment for some sort of confirmation..?

Hi Afro Prince

Please note that a house visit still does happen however it is on case to case basis, hence it mainly depends on which state and city you apply from.  Furthermore the language test still takes place.  In the bigger cities / states you have to go for the CELPE-Bras however in the smaller cities / states they give you a basic paragraph to read and also read out lout 5 or 6 lines which you have to write and hand in to them.

It is not that challenging overall

Good luck with your process and please keep us updated on your progress

That sounds like a pretty big discrepancy ....reading/writing a few lines compared to doing a whole certificate depending on where you are?

It actually is a very very big discrepancy :)   however this is the way things are and all we can do is just smile and move forward hehe.

The reason why bigger cities/states opt for the CELPE-Bras is because they have a bigger number of foreigners who are trying to apply for the nationality hence it is quiet challenging for them to test each and every one of them individually.

Hence they would rather just instruct the applicant to pass the CELPE-Bras instead.  Lastly keep in mind that they are not looking anyone to be a 100 percent fluent in Portuguese.  What they are requesting is a basic understanding of reading / writing of Portuguese.


Any idea what level of a Celpe Bras needs to be passed , I see intermediate is the most basic, who focuses on general understanding but allows for some grammatical mistakes and mother tongue interference....from there is goes up to superior intermediate all the way to advanced superior...

Intermediate it is as far as I know and understand.  Once again they are just looking to make sure that you have a basic command over the language nothing more.  Also if you want you can just visit the PF office in your city and ask them what are the requirements for naturalization.  The people here at the PF office in Florianopolis is quiet helpful overall.

Has anyone recently gone through the process or is starting?  Please share how the language test was and any other details.  Thank you!  I will apply in Rio later this year and will update.

It is a one-page compreehensive test and you have to read and answer.

Hi , Please let us know when you took this test, was it in 2016 or 2017 and which city you applied in.  Did you get all the paperwork yourself or get help from a despanche?  Are you still waiting for your court date, was there a home visit?  I got my RNE last year and did most of it at my consulate in the US and the process was pretty simple and fast.  Hopefully the naturalization process is also now more efficient.  Muito Obrigado!

The test was conducted in FP delegacy and it was organized in the end of 2016. I dont know about their home visit of mine. As speaking Portuguese, I did not get any help of others for my paperwork.

Thank you Sakraan!  Did you apply in Rio de Janeiro?  How long did you live in Brazil before applying for citizenship?  Did you have to get a criminal record from your local police station?

For the language test, did it ask any of these questions:  Be able to write the following as it is being read to you. 
Art. 123
A naturalização não importa aquisição da nacionalidade brasileira pelo cônjuge e filhos do naturalizado, nem autoriza que estes entrem ou se radiquem no Brasil sem que satisfaçam às exigências desta Lei.

Art. 124
A naturalização não extingue a responsabilidade civil ou penal a que o naturalizando estava anteriormente sujeito em qualquer outro país.
They ask you who can get "naturalised" ..under what grounds...and what ways can they lose this. All this information is in the text they give you to read.

For the documents, do you remember if there were any others besides the ones listed on their website:
- antecedentes criminais norte americano devidamente legalizado no cartório de registro por um sistema chamado Apostilamento (este processo de legalização  antes era feito pelos consulados brasileiros mas a partir de agosto de 2016 devido o Brasil ter aderido à Convenção de Haia sobre a dispensa de legalização de documentos ... estes agora são feitos pelos cartórios no país onde foi produzidos e depois ser traduzido por tradutor juramentado aqui no Brasil
- Declaração ou Inscrição Consular emitida pelo consulado americano aqui no Brasil (eles sabem o que se trata)
1.Requerimento devidamente assinado pelo naturalizando;
2.Declaração de interesse em traduzir ou adaptar o nome
à língua portuguesa;
3.Certidão ou inscrição consular, emitida pela Embaixada
ou Consulado no Brasil, comprovando a correta grafia do
nome do interessado e de seus genitores.
4.Cópia da cédula de identidade para estrangeiro
permanente atualizada;
5.Cópia do CPF ou cópia do recibo de entrega da última
declaração de imposto de renda (pessoa física);
6.Comprovante de recolhimento da taxa (guia GRU)
referente ao pedido de naturalização;
7. Atestado de antecedentes criminais expedido pela
Polícia Civil dos Estados onde residiu nos últimos cinco
8. Certidão negativa de ações criminais da Justiça Federal
dos Estados onde residiu nos últimos cinco anos;
9.Certidão dos cartórios de distribuição de ações criminais
das comarcas onde residiu nos últimos cinco anos;
10.Atestado de antecedentes criminais expedido pelo país
de origem, legalizado junto à repartição consular brasileira
e traduzido, no Brasil, por tradutor público Juramentado o
devidamente inscrito na Junta Comercial;
11.Comprovante de residência, tais como: contas de água
ou energia ou telefone, bem como através de cópia de
contrato de locação ou escritura de compra e venda de
imóvel onde reside ou residiu no período imediatamente
anterior ao pedido de naturalização, ou de genitor ou
cônjuge ou companheiro, acompanhado respectivamente
da certidão de nascimento, ou casamento, ou
comprovação de união estável;
12.Cópia na íntegra do passaporte, observando as norma
que regem o Mercosul;
13.Cópia da certidão de casamento;
14.Cópia da certidão de nascimento do filho brasileiro;
15.A: Quando empregado em regime celetista: cópia
autenticada, na íntegra da carteira de trabalho – CTPS ou
cópia autenticada do contrato de trabalho; cópia
autenticada dos últimos três contra­cheques;
15.B: Quando empresários: cópia autenticada do Contrato
Social consolidado, quando for o caso, da empresa da
qual é sócio ou cotista e Escritura Pública Declaratória de
Renda lavrada nos Tabelionatos de Notas;
15.C: Quando autônomos: cópia autenticada do cartão do
Imposto Sobre Serviços – ISS, bem como comprovante de
seu recolhimento ou RPA (Recibo de pagamento a
autônomo) e Escritura Pública Declaratória de Renda
lavrada nos Tabelionatos de Notas;

You may want to call them to see if they need to do a home visit for you or if your application has been sent to Brasilia.  Please keep us updated on your progress.  I will apply in the Fall of 2017 and will let everyone here know how the process is in Rio.  My portuguese is very basic but I found a great free app called Duolingo that I am studying everyday to prepare.  If I have time I will scan the application documents into PDF and share them to everyone later this year.  Muito Obrigado!

Yes, you have to submit your negative criminal record of your local police (from your country). The questions usually come from this sense mentioned by you. I applied in Interior of SP.

Thank you Sakraan!  Sao Paulo probably has a more difficult language test because of the greater number of people applying but that is just a guess.

The interior cities of São Paulo has no a large number of applicants.

Thanks.  If anyone else has recent experience or is applying now, please share :)  I will be applying sometime after the summer so will report back in a few months.

I'm hearing more and more news of some changes to immigration law from May 2016 - Would be interested to see if anyone else has heard this? Or any lawyer can confirm this?

For example:


• Para os casos de naturalização ordinária, não será mais necessário a apresentação de antecedentes criminais brasileiro no período dos últimos quatro anos.

• Para as solicitações de naturalização provisória, fica revogado também, o dispositivo que menciona a necessidade do certificado de antecedentes penais emitido no lugar de residência no Brasil, para o solicitante maior de 18 anos.

• Nestes pedidos também não há mais exigência do atestado de sanidade física e mental, sendo necessário apenas, a apresentação de um atestado de saúde.

• Os certificados de naturalização serão emitidos, preferencialmente, de forma eletrônica e serão entregues pelo juiz federal do local em que o interessado seja domiciliado.

• Foi revogado o dispositivo que indicava a necessidade do naturalizado demonstrar conhecimento da língua portuguesa e renunciar a sua nacionalidade anterior para receber o certificado de naturalização.



• For cases of ordinary naturalization, it will no longer be necessary to present a Brazilian criminal record in the last four years.

• For applications for provisional naturalization, the device that mentions the need for a criminal record certificate issued at the place of residence in Brazil for the applicant over 18 years of age is also revoked.

• In these applications, there is no longer a requirement for a physical and mental health certificate, and only a health certificate is required.

• Naturalization certificates will be issued, preferably, electronically and will be delivered by the federal judge of the place where the interested party is domiciled.

• The device that indicated the need for the naturalized person to demonstrate knowledge of the Portuguese language and to renounce their previous nationality to receive the naturalization certificate was revoked.

I think it is a fake news to attract foreigners to Brazil. In the final of last year, I applied for naturalization and it took a few months to prepare a Portuguese test for me. The physical as well as mental health certificate was not asked by them.

Muito Obrigado for posting this AfroPrince.  Have you started your application process yet, do you already have your RNE?  Which city will you apply in?  Sadly I think each Federal Policia office handles the cases differently.  Perhaps there will be more standards with what you have posted.  Getting my RNE was pretty smooth and easy so here's hoping for the best.  Sadly there just is not much information posted on the Internet for recent applications or even past applications.  From reading other forums, past applicants took 2 years or longer.  Accountants also assist lawyers with Visas, passports, and even naturalization applications.  We all would be happy to hear from you and perhaps even do business in seeking your assistance.

Well, that goes to show that  not only the POTUS experiences #fakenews..  I am hoping to apply later but am studying Portuguese slowly just in case :)

@sakraan - How did you prepare your documents? did you have to certify all of them?

Yes I am doing the same thing AfroPrince, I am studying Portuguese slowly just in case.  I am using the free app Duolingo and very basic conversations with my Brazilian wife lol!  Which city do you live in?   

@sakraan - Yes please let us know how did you prepare your documents? did you have to certify all of them?  Also if you have any generic Microsoft Word templates you used for income documents, etc. please share or if you prefer we can PM you directly to get the generic document formats.  Muito Obrigado!

The following information is valid for: Departamento de Polícia Federal - Superintendência Regional SP in February 2017. The requirements and procedures do vary between delegacias.

No dia do seu agendamento quando você deposita seu pedido de naturalização, a PF manda que você escreva uma carta para o ministério da justiça descrevendo seu trabalho e atividades no Brasil. Então, o naturalizado tem uma hora para responder 6 questões sobre um texto em português de duas páginas. O texto usado nesse caso é sobre o campeão de boxe na olímpica 2016 no Rio, brasileiro Robson Conceição. Um questão pergunta sobre o que é o texto em geral. Três questões perguntam quais são os nomes das três pessoas que são mencionadas no texto. Um questão pergunta o que aconteceu no final da competição entre Robson e o oponente dele. O questão final manda os razões individuais do naturalizado porque ele/ela deseja ser naturalizado no Brasil. Então, o agente lê alto uma oração curta do texto e você deve escrevê-la.

Note that depending on your individual situation the PF will ask for a set of documents that may differ from another applicant.

Ola Germanbrickhouse, did you apply for naturalization in SP and this was your Portuguese test?  Muito Obrigado!


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