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Also, after a general search, I came across the below from the news section of

Ministry of Justice simplifies the Naturalization and Correction of Federal Settlements processes

The Department of Foreigners, a body of the Ministry of Justice responsible
for issuing rules for foreigners in Brazil, issued on February 06th the Ordinance
No. 05/2015, which brought changes in the documents to be presented for
processing Naturalization and Correction of Federal Settlements processes.
There was a significant simplification in the list of documents required for the
Correction of Federal Settlements process. It is no longer required to submit
“certidões  de  cartórios  de  protestos”,  “certidões  negativas  da  Fazenda”,
“certidões de distribuição federais”, “executivos fiscais estaduais e municipais”
and  “certidões  de  distribuição  estaduais”  (public  certificates  that  show
whether a person was civilly suited, or if any debt was not paid). It is enough
now to present only the criminal records issued by the Brazilian Civil Police
(of the last 5 years) and a certificate to show whether any criminal suit is
pending  for  the  foreigner  in  Brazil,  together  with  the  regular  documents
required for identification and collection of fees.

As for the Naturalization process, the list of documents and procedures was
also greatly simplified. From now on, foreigners will no longer go through the
Portuguese language test and is no longer required to present the receipt of
income tax, civil suits clearances and debt clearances (“certidão SPC”). In
addition to identification documents and payment of fees, it is now enough to
submit the criminal records issued by the Brazilian Civil Police (of the last 5
years), the certificates to show whether any criminal suit is pending for the
foreigner in Brazil and the criminal records issued by the country of origin,
duly legalized by the Brazilian consulate. Income may be proved by the work
contract, by-laws or “ISS” card (city taxpayer’s ID).

This new rule is in effect since its publication in February 06th.

Anyone know more detail about this?

A Portuguese Language Test conducted by FP would be passed or Celpe-Bras certificate should be presented.

Is this for more Language test?

Is the Federal Police test the same level as a Ceple Bras .....those certificates are difficult, my wife only recently got her English one and she has been speaking English for over 10 years, with 7 years of living and working in English Countries and teaching English and she still found it difficult.....she got a B

I asked from 2 friends who were participated in that type of test conducted by FP. They said: it was very easy test. It is not like Celpe-Bras..... you know people who have actually done this process?

I'm still hoping someone who has done the process or at least started (post February), can comment for some sort of confirmation..?

Hi Afro Prince

Please note that a house visit still does happen however it is on case to case basis, hence it mainly depends on which state and city you apply from.  Furthermore the language test still takes place.  In the bigger cities / states you have to go for the CELPE-Bras however in the smaller cities / states they give you a basic paragraph to read and also read out lout 5 or 6 lines which you have to write and hand in to them.

It is not that challenging overall

Good luck with your process and please keep us updated on your progress

That sounds like a pretty big discrepancy ....reading/writing a few lines compared to doing a whole certificate depending on where you are?

It actually is a very very big discrepancy :)   however this is the way things are and all we can do is just smile and move forward hehe.

The reason why bigger cities/states opt for the CELPE-Bras is because they have a bigger number of foreigners who are trying to apply for the nationality hence it is quiet challenging for them to test each and every one of them individually.

Hence they would rather just instruct the applicant to pass the CELPE-Bras instead.  Lastly keep in mind that they are not looking anyone to be a 100 percent fluent in Portuguese.  What they are requesting is a basic understanding of reading / writing of Portuguese.


Any idea what level of a Celpe Bras needs to be passed , I see intermediate is the most basic, who focuses on general understanding but allows for some grammatical mistakes and mother tongue interference....from there is goes up to superior intermediate all the way to advanced superior...

Intermediate it is as far as I know and understand.  Once again they are just looking to make sure that you have a basic command over the language nothing more.  Also if you want you can just visit the PF office in your city and ask them what are the requirements for naturalization.  The people here at the PF office in Florianopolis is quiet helpful overall.

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